Homefront Gets Second Day Price Drop

THQ’s new release Homefront was unleashed to the public yesterday for $59.99, what has become a pretty standard pricepoint for big budget titles. Gamers who bought Homefront on release day are in for a surprise, though.

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Warprincess1164640d ago (Edited 4640d ago )

It a shame. All of that hype and it a flop. I would of bought you but THQ got desperate and gave the 360 timed DLC. lol well i guess M$ wasted their money since this game is a flop.

averyzoe4640d ago

I think a lot of people were frustrated with the idea of both a short single player coupled with limited resale value due to needing to buy an Online Pass for used copies. Doesn't seem like you get as much bang for your buck as other games.

chainer30004639d ago

I hope they get the message - to much game protection makes a game undesirable.

Heartnet4638d ago

Erm how can peopel be frustrated 2 days after release!! If you could get a pre owned copy that soon you wud pay like $4 less than the New copy so :P


Headquarters114639d ago

I heard this game has a very limited amount of weapons? Fuck that, I'll wait til it hits 30 or less.

Solid_Snake-4639d ago (Edited 4639d ago )

i got mine for pc from a site (id rather not mention) for free. then just plugged in my xbox 360 controller as it has full support for it and hey presto. i get to sit back relax and enjoy a free game. i aint complaining.

also the same with assassins creed brotherhood.

its the good thing about multi plats on the pc they always have full controller support and video settings so i can get the most out of my games.

as charlie sheen says: WINNING.....duh

Scary694639d ago

I want to know where the price drop is since Best buy did not do the drop nor has walmart or Gamestop.

cochise3134639d ago

It's 42 dollars on amazon.

averyzoe4639d ago

Walmart has all but the very top version for $42. Just scroll.

antz11044639d ago

And you wasted your one bubble on a troll comment. Good on you lil' guy!

For $40 thats not a bad deal, especially if they fix the multiplayer issues.

StbI9904639d ago

Can someone make the joek?

FlopFront anyone? lwmao.

Vherostar4639d ago

Its what you get for buying an unproven series on day 1. You get what you deserve and learn from your mistakes.

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chasegarcia4639d ago (Edited 4639d ago )

shame on you if you payed $60 for any game.

SixZeroFour4639d ago

yea, shame on the gamers for trying to support the game developers and game industry for paying full price, when we should be supporting the retailers instead and buy the used copies /sarcasm

Rocket Sauce4639d ago

Or you could wait a few weeks (or ONE DAY) and save lots of money.

VenGencE9994639d ago (Edited 4639d ago )

How about shame on gamers for NOT knowing when they are being taken advantage of? Or how about shame on more gamers for not taking a stand and bending over and taking whatever the industry gives them.

Blind support is the worst and ONLY benefits one side. You want to save someone, save yourself.

I've bought AC:BH,KZ3,GT5, and a number of other high profile new releases at release this year and none of them were finished and in need of several patches, some of which are STILL in need of patches.
You think you're supporting these poor devs when you buy their unfinished product at $60? Wrong, all you're doing is enabling them to continue this practice and laughing at our foolishness.

I'm glad more GAMERS are using their consumer power. This business model needs to go away, ASAP. I for one hope this trend continues for the betterment of everyone, not just stockholders who give a rats ass what they are selling us...

SixZeroFour4639d ago

thats like saying its alright to pirate games...cause in the end of the day, the game devs arent getting the money either way

and im not saying to buy every game for full price, i was just commenting on the op about NEVER paying full price for any game...VenGencE999, you are right, consumers shouldnt just be bending over backwards, but im saying if the product is worth it, then you should support the dev team (and again, im speaking "in general" cause op said for ANY GAME) like CoD, i feel you SHOULDNT be paying full price considering they release every year, but for quality games like killzone, halo, battlefield and possibly even this game (havent played it) you should support them...its up to the consumers to decide for themselves what is worth it and what isnt, but to think there isnt a single game out there worth the full price? ppl in the gaming industry deserve what they make...ever heard of crunch time? never a good time to be working under those circumstances, but they do anyways

Platinum_k4639d ago


you are messed up. Those games you mentioned are great games, if not they are very decent games. i dont know what the hell you are talking about...

jagstatboy4639d ago

how 'bout I support myself and buy it new when it goes down in price or used if I want and not caring about what rich entity get richer retailers, developers, or publishers.

I RARELY pay $60 for a game.

Vherostar4639d ago

Erm shame for paying $60?? When I was a kid games at the most were £7 for my commodore 64. People are being seriously ripped off and so sales drop thus prices rise its a vicious cycle.

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dragon824639d ago

I bought the game for $60 on day one and I couldn't be happier. The campaign is just as good as any of the COD games and the online is better. To top it all off, amazon gave me $15 towards my next purchase.

Yes, shame on me.

goosepoose4639d ago

lol. thats funny, thats not saying anything at all. the single player campaigns for COD is just an irritation for the developer (something to get out of the way). Its 4 hours for a reason, they dont give a fuck about it. If they did it wouldnt be 4 hours.

somethingstrang4639d ago

You couldn't be happier that the campaign is just as terrible as any CoD game?

ugabugaz4639d ago

I would pay $100 for GT5 and COD4 each.

Psychotica4639d ago

Wow wish I knew you, I would sold you my copy of GT5. I traded it in 2 weeks after I got it.

Shackdaddy8364639d ago

Preordered for 50 bucks and got a free game (metro 2033) with it. I think I got a good enough deal :)

Ducky4639d ago (Edited 4639d ago )

You could've gotten it from D2D for $40.
I paid $50 to steam to get the TF2 bandana.

Truth be told, I pre-ordered Shogun2 mostly for the TF2 items too. I am a disgrace.

Gamer_Z4639d ago

The game doesn’t look that great but the MP looks like its fun and for that price it might be a good deal.