Contra 4 Dated And Box Arted

Wayforward's Contra 4 is bringing back old school, Red Falcon ass-kicking action to the Nintendo DS and it looks like they're doing it next month. Marketing materials look to have made their way into the hands of one NeoGAF member, listing a launch date of November 13th and showcasing Contra 4's exceedingly masculine cover art.

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cooke154948d ago

DS is just owning lately. Metal Slug AND Contra 4? jeeez

djt234948d ago

that how you do it
box art is so 80s that how i like it keep it classics

PS360WII4948d ago

DS is owning lately. Metal Slug, Contra, Ninja Gaiden, and Dementium. For all those people who say DS doesn't have games I don't know what they be talking