Imagine merges PSU3 with Play

PlayStation magazine market at an all-time low

Imagine Publishing has announced that it is merging its PlayStation Magazine, PSU3, with Play, effective immediately.

Acording to a press release, the decision was made after examining the magazine market, which "has not seen the significant growth shown by Xbox 360 titles." Imagine does not see the PlayStation magazine market improving in the short to medium term.

"The fact is that the PlayStation market is at an all-time low and this has been reflected in the sales of PlayStation magazines," said Nick Jones, editor of Imagine's PlayStation titles.

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JasonXE4488d ago

I would buy mags if they were easier to buy then mailing in 12 buxs with that subcripition card. I rmember the days when me and my friends use to read gaming mags to look at the new games. People use to have collections of gamepro mags as well. With the internet bringing out all the news, there is no need to buy one unless you want the demos.

therealwillie4488d ago

i remember a journalist in play saying that he would not worry about the ps3 v xbox war until the playstation magazines were selling a lot less, at the time the playstation magazines were far outselling the xbox ones. uh oh

stuntman_mike4488d ago

ive been buying play for quite awhile and psu3 as it is really cheap, but the i visited psu3 forums and people on there are complete a-holes along with some of the writers who moderate the forums there, that really put me off getting the mag. its a shame really as there arnt that many ps3 mags about in the uk.

the official playstation uk mag is still the best ps3 mag to get you get free blu-ray demo on it.