EA admits to cuts in The Simpsons Game

Not all developers see the funny side of EA's industry-parodying title

As well as being based on The Simpsons licence, EA has always said that its upcoming The Simpsons Game would parody the games industry itself – but the developer has admitted that some mixed reactions to the content have forced it to make a few cuts to the in-game content.

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skynidas4493d ago

WTF that is stupid, fuc* rockstar and the other stupid developers that reacted stupidly

Chris_GTR14493d ago

i dont think they took out GTS. it was just the poster at lepzig. GTS is still in the game (it better!)

gamesR4fun4493d ago

can't believe that a once decent company has turned to utter crud so fast. First the M$ buyout then this bs especially considering how much Rockstupid ripped off in their games what a joke.


You are looking only from a gamer standpoint... Think in the Publisher side now... EA id the biggest competitor for not only Take-Two, but all the other publishers... Would you help your bigger competitor to sell more games with you licenses and pying you nothing?

Ok, it's Simpsons, and everybody love Simpsons, but in the end, it's just more money for EA and less for Take-Two from a business standpoint.

Trick Nolte4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

You are RIGHT ON POINT me and my cousin had a debate about this whole content being removed. It hit us like after a bit because we were trying to see why R* would trip over this and we hold up!! its not so much Rockstar but Take2. It all made sense.

Why in the hell would take2 allow EA to use ANY of their published content. EA literally tries to murder Take2. Lockin up sports license and all that sh!t.

I dont blame Take2 or R* for this. Its petty i know, but why help the people who make it clear that they are trying to destroy you.

Screw EA!