Loot Ninja's Heavenly Sword Review

Heavenly Sword is probably the biggest hyped game on the PS3 thus far. The game has an epic story and beautiful graphics, but does it live up the hype? After a few play-throughs, Loot Ninja is happy to say it does. Here is a breakdown of some of the facets of Heavenly Sword for the PS3.

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kalistyles4497d ago

another Heavenly Sword review. I love the game but I don't think I've seen so many reviews for 1 game.

fiercescuba4497d ago

If you really take your time and watch the cut scenes, you will appreciate how awesome this game really is.

drunkpandas4497d ago

Yeah the character models and the story are great

nice_cuppa4497d ago

instead of games.

i will take interactive storytelling like half life 2 or mass effect any day.

i also think cutscenes should have no relevance in a games review.

gololo4497d ago

Dude....CG/cut scenes can make a game so much entertaining....don't tell me you didn't like RE2 cut scenes! What about the weapons attacking Midgar in FFVII! Or cut scenes of Sin in FFX? Oh man...if you didn't then I don't know what else to tell you.

Baba19064497d ago

how can u say cutscenes dont have relevance in a review. 0o gosh. how boring would life be if all movies were just about action scenes. i dont know if u get where im going at but well, games are all about fun arent they? so if u have a great gameplay but the story is bull, and u feel like you are looking at a peace of bread than wow u will get bored, at least i will. if on the other hand u are interacting with a 8 hours movie u suddendly notice that games are not just about what u dobut how and why =D.

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crazy250004497d ago

this is an awesome game, i hope they have downloadable content or HS 2...GOW 3 is acceotable :)

drunkpandas4497d ago

Ninja Theory said they're open to having downloadable content for Heavenly Sword if the game sells well enough. I'm not sure what else they could add though?

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The story is too old to be commented.