Move creator dismisses brainwave controls

Plus, passes judgement on Kinect.

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blackburn53482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Wonder how long before someone jumps in a mentions how many Kinects have been sold. Kinect STILL hasn't shown it is a versitile device for gaming and its in coming line up hasn't shown or proven it either.

FailOverHero3482d ago

I wonder when SONY will start focusing on Move and stop taking jabs at Kinect EVERY chance they get. They complained about MS kinect marketing, they made that pew pew ad and this guy has on more than 1 occasion bashed kinect. When does it end?? If it were other way around we'd have guys like blackburn mobbing Redmond in anger.
All I'm sayin is they should concentrate on their product, like Playstation Move Heroes, its launching in 9 days. Where's the marketing?

citan3482d ago

Demo released so everybody can try it out. That's better than any marketing bullshit.

Viper73482d ago

Agreed, this kind of bashing is not needed. What we need is more move games or games supporting move and showing that its a great new way to play games.

Imo Killzone3's move controls were really impressive, but needed some fine tuning to make them work well even in multiplayer (I prefer 0% width and depth + faster turning speed + sensitivity lowest possible.)

But what we need is more games like this so that more gamers and developers will take the move controller seriously. Sure there is move heroes on the way and Socom, but we need more.

FailOverHero3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Never mind about Playstation Move Heroes, I just saw the review scores, I understand why they wouldn't want to draw any attention to it
@citan, if a demo is better than marketing then why did they bother marketing God of War 3? Or Killzone 3? Or GT5? Or Uncharted 2? Or LBP 2? Or Motorstorm? If demoes were enough and better than marketing, why would anybody, including SONY waste any money promoting their games? Oh thats right, it only applies to Sony when they don't market. Typical

MaxXAttaxX3482d ago

Dude relax and stop caring so much about what Sony does and doesn't do.
I wonder when you'll stop taking jabs at Sony whenever you get the chance.

nickjkl3482d ago

your right sony is to busy putting move into games like killzone 3

unlike microsoft who has yet to do anything with kinect outside of party games

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zmack3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Awesome, someone else found more use out of the image I made for my older article :D.

In regards to brainwave control I think it maybe too far at this point. I have heard some mixed things about OCZ's device, which is called the NIA Neural Impulse Actuator:

distorted_reality3482d ago

No real surprise there.

I think at the moment the technology is promising yet definitely in its infancy, but it has an absolute crapload of potential imo.

Would be silly to just write it off, especially with the benefits it could possibly have, and not just in the gaming world.

As for his Kinect comments, I would argue that it's actually more suited to an RTS than Move would be. He's right about FPS though, i'd much rather just stick to my kb+m.

But he also completely ignores the Kinect modding scene which is getting bigger by the day (and creating gaming applications I might add).

Rynx3482d ago

This is the thing though about those mods.

Are they accessible to the public without the need to rig your Kinect to a PC, or without the need to mod your 360?

Every other week you get Modded Kinect artciles on here, and I can't help but wonder to myself, what use is this if only maybe 5% percent of Kinect owners with the know-how will have access to it.

Remember these mods are pratically hacks. And I doubt even half of said Kinect owners are hackers or even aspiring hackers/modders to even have heard of such a thing. Let alone have easy access to it.

distorted_reality3482d ago

Kinect connects to a computer or 360 via usb, and all the software is out there with step by step instructions. The end user who wants to use these mods need have no prior knowledge of creating software at all, so I don't see how accessibility is an issue.

As to your question of usefulness - if one person finds a mod useful, then it's useful. I understand what you're saying about how many people actually use these mods - but I think you can be pretty certain that the number is growing everyday.

Masterchef20073482d ago

"He explained how he was a big fan of camera control in general but only for "a fairly narrow set of experiences"."

Those are my thoughts for Kinect as well. The experiences that you can have with it are limited.

What i mean by this is with move you can play for example killzone 3 but on the 360 its impossible to play a game like Halo Reach with kinect.

3482d ago
gamingdroid3482d ago

That is why we are all using PS Move exclusively and given up on our controllers! /s

Reality is that Kinect is only limited as much as your vanilla controller, meaning games has to be made to fit the control scheme. Sure there are some exceptions, but people seem to enjoy the impossible by the millions, namely playing FPS on console instead of on PC with mouse and keyboard.

Masterchef20073482d ago

But you still have a physical controller in your hands. With triggers to fire and the sticks to move around. I dont see how they can replicate that experience with Kinect. I have seen the hack of Dead Space for example and the guy in it uses a sort of Nunchuck controller to move around.

So Kinect isnt adecuate for core experiences. I know that its the new big thing for the 360 right now but i dont see why people defend it so much. I mean why do people want it to become a standard in games? Imagine every game with Kinect i wouldnt like that at all is till prefer the controller over it anyday.

gamingdroid3482d ago

It has less to do with fitting current game controller design to replace what we have as rather a new input method. It can also be used in a hybrid setup.

Point being, if early game pads (think NES controllers with one d-pad and face buttons) were compared to what we have now for keyboards/mouse, we certainly would be asking the very same question even back then!

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