Next-Gen Gets A Halo 3 Schwag Bag Too

In this post, Next-Gen writes:

"Well, it seems that somebody is trying to get on Next-Gen's good side, as we have received a schwag bag of our own. Actually, it wasn't even in a bag, more like a cardboard box (schwag box, then).

7-Eleven sent us this incriminating package: A Halo 3/Mountain Dew Game Fuel t-shirt, a bottle of Mountain Dew Game Fuel, three Halo 3 Slurpee cups and, perhaps most damning of all the items, two free coupons for Slurpees-that's right… free.

Will we be sending back the schwag (which we view as nothing less than a bribe to convince us that 7-Eleven is the greatest one-stop-shop, easy-in, easy-out convenience solution in the world)?

We would, but the shipping would probably cost more than the value of the schwag."

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razer4491d ago

Great post and funny story.. Just goes to show you how stupid and ridiculous the San Jose Chronical editor was being.