What Happened to Microsoft's Quality Control?

Gamernode's Frank Ling poses the question from Halo 3 Limited Edition disc scratches to RRoD: what happened to Microsoft's quality control?

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THE_JUDGE4031d ago

they had quality control? Since when?

BrianC62344031d ago

Aren't the early adopters the ones who do QC for Microsoft? That's how it's been for years. Quality Control? We don't need no stinkin quality control.

skynidas4031d ago

micr05h1t doesnt have quality control...the 360 is on stores

Cat4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

i'll go ahead and jump in front of the bus on this one. quality control wise, it seems like they've gaffed. here's the hit and miss in the aftermath for me:

Hits: replacing systems and discs, extending warranties

Misses: Not owning up to the cause of RRoD, therefore offering no definitive assurance that future hardware releases are void of the problem. Length of time to get a system back.

Guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed every time I fire up my 360. ;) Or maybe they could send me a countdown clock??

edit: @3.1 fair enough, lol.

mighty_douche4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

that countdown clocks 3rd party or you'll be sending that bad boy back to ;)

WafflesID4031d ago


as lame as I think it is for this issue to be brought up every 5 minutes, I gotta admit...that was pretty damn funny :)

nobizlikesnowbiz4031d ago

I don't know what all the fuss is about.

Probably over a dozen people I know personally have 360's. One RRoD'd. Another failed because the disc drive screwed up. But he's one of my friend who really doesn't take care of his property.

For the last week I've been playing H3 more than 10 hours a day easily, all at one time, never turning the console off. No lockups, no RRoD.

Launch console also.

dantesparda4030d ago

Why is it lame? cuz its about your beloved 360? give it rest!

And NoBiz, yeah you're right, not that many people have had their 360s fail. Oh i dont know, except for like say over 3+ million users (at least) that have gone through it, but you're right, its not that much. I'ma laugh when yours go. And just so you know, im on my 3rd 360 now and that thing has been doing nothing but freezing up and disc read erroring left and right since i got it. So number 4, here i come

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mighty_douche4031d ago

they have quality control at microsoft????

some people need firing then.

thewhoopimen4031d ago

they have quality control at microsoft????

some people need firing then.

NO NO, You mean some people need hiring...XD
(since there doesn't seem to be a QA team)

goodganja4031d ago

It's bad when 360 has it's own wiki article for Technical Problems.

When it's a bunch of caged animals with no intelligence holding a controller, what do you expect from Micro$hit?