40gb PS3 To Include Backwards Compatibility

Pocket Lint is reporting that the 40GB PS3 is coming even sooner than we expected. They have had several separate reports that the new SKU will drop tomorrow, October 5th.

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sonarus5715d ago (Edited 5715d ago )

this price drop is getting a lot of unnecessary hype.

Am not saying the price drop is bad but this particular price drop has had the most speculations and confirmation and what not. more than the 60Gb price drop and more than the 360 price drop.

Did anyone notice the changes in the ps store. demos are now arranged according to genre. I just noticed this

BloodySinner5715d ago

That doesn't make sense. Because Halo 3 has nothing to do with this story.

jackfatal5715d ago

but its a big move here in europe to drop the price by 200EU!!
thats like 300$!
and plus the games on the way this month too!!
i predict sale jump by 400% this month!

OatLoops5715d ago

An unnecessary comment for another unncesessary comment. A console price drop, no matter Wii/360/ or PS3 deserves the same amount of hype (if not more) than a game. But even then, I haven't seen anyone hyping this...they're just reporting various confirmations.

Gamespot-equals-EGM5715d ago (Edited 5715d ago )

False, inaccurate, wishful thinking. There will be no BC in the 40GB ps3.

See link. This is a forum full of industry insiders (1up and EGM editors are members of this forum; Greg Kasavin sometimes posts here).

resistance1005715d ago

Sorry to disapoint you but that is incorrect. PS3 B/c comes via software so unless the 40GB gets different firmware updates to the other versions, the 40GB will have B/c since it runs games off the cell not the EE like the orginal NTSC models did.

Gamespot-equals-EGM5715d ago (Edited 5715d ago )

Read the fvcking thread i posted, they explain it. Graphics synthesizer....aka GS...that's all i'm going to say. if ur too lazy to read and educate urself then i don't give a sh!t, but ur wrong.

EE is the fvcking ps2's cpu, GS is the fvcking ps2's gpu. EE is emulated by software on 80gb ps3, but the GS is still fvcking there.

i'm mad b/c dumb fvckers like urself are too damn lazy to find out the actual truth. its only when someone shoves it down ur throat that u understand.

Gamespot-equals-EGM5715d ago

Sorry about the outburst but its a very common misconception for people to think 80gb BC is total software emulation. A dude from the thread I posted had the same misconception:

Originally Posted by Synless:
I thought that all the newer ps3's had no BC HW anyways, I thought it was all emulated so how wouldn't the 40 have it if it has a harddrive?


jesus... you are 1000000th to think so and you are wrong. Can you at least read few pages back before posting that comment?

MikeGdaGod5715d ago

i understand ur point but that doesn't mean its true. nothing has been confirmed..............yet

Gizmo_Logix5715d ago

Never underestimate what the Japan devs can do with the software emulation.

TechWiz5715d ago

Don't trust everything you read in a forum. Most of what that forum claims on how th ps3 operates is false. You want to learn more abnout how the EE/GS works and the new emulation. read this link:
**** If it ask you to install the japanese font just hit cancel a few times it will load in english ****

The article in case you dont want to use the link:
"Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) has announced that the EE+GS chip, an LSI chip provided to support backwards compatibility with :PlayStation 2 (PS 2), would be excluded from the PlayStation 3 (PS3) console slated for launch in Europe on March 23, 2007. Instead, the operation of PS2 will be emulated by a combination of new graphics LSI chip and software.

The PS3 console available in Japan and the US is equipped with EE+GS chip which is PS2's core LSI chip composed of Emotion Engine and Graphics Synthesizer integrated onto a single chip. Instead of the EE+GS chip which will be excluded from the European version of the console, SCE will provide a new graphics LSI chip that can replace the functions performed by Graphics Synthesizer. The functions of Emotion Engine will be emulated by software based on Cell Broadband Engine. With the adoption of the new specifications, the company has succeeded in reducing the LSI chip size and the component cost. It plans to slash the component cost of the consoles sold in Japan and the US as well in the same way in the future."


Gamespot-equals-EGM5715d ago (Edited 5715d ago )

I will be laughing SO HARD at you girls when the 40gb will have no ps2 BC.

see link, sony themselves says the euro ps3 has the GS.

and these people on this forum, oh yeah, i almost forgot to tell you, some of them have actually seen the motherboard of the 80gb ps3 and have seen the GS themselves.

so many sony girls in here are in so much denial. we will see in a few days how wrong you girls are. and again, i will be laughing so hard in your face.

(and if I'm wrong you can laugh in my face, but i won't be wrong).

lawman11085715d ago

So just deal with it. Now there really are no games for the PS3

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OatLoops5715d ago

I was wondering why they wouldn't include it if it's all software based now anyways. Well that's one thing out the way...I give people a couple hours (if not minutes) to come up with something else to complain about now :-/.

Death5715d ago

I thought this was a no-brainer. The RR was removed prior to the 80 gig which made way for b/c through emulation. There is no way to restrict compatability unless Sony wanted to be mean and find a way to do it without changing the hardware configuration.


sadiq5715d ago

lol i posted the same thing, i feel the same way,

Gamespot-equals-EGM5715d ago (Edited 5715d ago )

See the link below. The guys in this thread explain it.

Quote from link:

'Again (times 20?), the European and American 80 gig PS3s *do* have hardware for PS2 compatibility, in the form of a Graphics Synthesizer (GS) chip on board. All the European/US 80 gig units do in software is the Emotion Engine emulation, which they do on Cell.

Without the GS chip, there's no backwards compatiblity for PS2 (though there continues to be for PS1, which really is done entirely in software).'

EDIT: LMAO @ the disagree's. so many sony girls in denial. Hilarious.

skynidas5715d ago

with the price cut the ps3 sells will skyrocket

SlappyMcTaint5715d ago

Which will slow down 360 sales and M$'s "Christmas to remember forevers 'cause we pwn all" hype

sadiq5715d ago

u know i dont understand this from the beginning rumors, software emulation requires NO EXTRA COMPONENTS, they are usuing software emulation for the 80gb ps3, now why the hell would they remove something that is free that will attract buyers from the 40gb

risk5715d ago

because fanboys have to put down each other duh!! just because it doesnt say anything about it, it means ITS NOT THERE!

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