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Overall, Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel is a decent game that should find a home with people wanting a solid JRPG. A couple of nagging flaws keep this game from fully reaching its potential, but even with those, there is still plenty to enjoy here. A serviceable story provides good balance between humor and drama but is killed at times by awkward dirty jokes. The combat is fun but at times long-winded and the Cosmospheres offer a nice change of pace. Now if only these developers could create a game that we are not ashamed to play in front of our spouses. It’s kind of hard to explain a half-naked 10-year-old girl to my wife, so do us a favor and keep the clothes on next time.

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ZeroX98763741d ago

ar tonelico always been with some ecchi parts in it, so it a reviewer should take this into account.

Neckbear3741d ago

Not like it isn't stil a valid criticism, though, that certain part of the sexual themes AT has is pretty much hit-or-miss.

Roper3163741d ago

I like dirty awkward jokes personally so I should enjoy this game.

doctorstrange3741d ago

Half-naked 10-year-old girls might be taking it a step too far tho