Brain Interfaces Let Players Control Video Games With Thoughts, Not Thumbs

Technology developers are poised in the next month to debut new "brain-computer interfaces," which will allow video game players to control their PlayStations and Xboxes with their thoughts, not their fingers.

The devices are powered by neurosensors, attached to points on the scalps of players, where the "Alpha," "Theta" and "Beta" brain waves can be detected, according to researchers.

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spammy_nooo4493d ago

Something tells me this actually isn't going to make it in the next few months.

This feels too much like the phantom to me. I know, I know, they aren't really related, but still.

I hope I'm wrong though. Man, that'd be cool!

ghettocheeze4493d ago

Yeah now just bring in that huge sliding weapon cache and were are in business.

uuaschbaer4493d ago

I'm going to invest in anti-headache-medicine factories right now!