Rounding Up HD News: It Could Be Ho, Ho, Ho for Blu-ray

It looks likely that by the end of this year's holiday season, Blu-ray players could gain a sizable advantage over HD DVD in the next-generation DVD format battle.

Shankle5716d ago

now it's going to have to start the real battle - competing with dvd.

PimpHandHappy5716d ago

not yet atleast


if and when they bring the price down to dvd levels then maybe.

Till then i dont really care. I still buy DVD's and bluerays

i got three dvd movies for 20 bucks and all three are classic! When blueray can do that then they will smash dvd's. But that wont be anytime soon

Bill Gates5716d ago

I love a good Ho. They're great!

Dark_Overlord5715d ago

LMFAO when I seen your comment

Snukadaman5716d ago

of course.....who didnt see this coming?..what happend too those 200 dollar hd-dvd units?

mighty_douche5715d ago (Edited 5715d ago )

but they infact cost $249! figure that out.

edit: lol someone disagrees, ha, its fact!

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