Sony Reveals PS3, PSP TGS Lineup

Following a report today of an available 27 playable PS3 titles at the 2006 Tokyo Game Show, Sony Computer Entertainment has listed a tentative PS3 and PSP games lineup on its Japanese website.

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HiSpeedSoldier615381d ago

Damn I wish I could afford a little trip to tokyo next month,but I have to keep my girlfriend happy,but she's hot so its okay

Loudninja5381d ago

I can see that Sony will do much better at .

Monchichi0255381d ago

We've already made the swicth to the Xbox 360 and couldn't be happier. I advice all former Sony fans to try it as well. Bought my 360 two days ago and it's AWESOME!!! Now back to playing Dead Rising and Madden 07!!!

Shadow Flare5381d ago

ha, tried it mate, and no thanks. I'm getting the PlayStation 3

achira5381d ago

take your xcrap and put it in your ass, you fycking lemming.

Captain Tuttle5381d ago (Edited 5381d ago )

Calm down sweetie.

Gh0stDrag0n5381d ago

And let Captian Tuttle play with your ballz.

XboxKing5381d ago

I all ready have a two Xbox360’s and I'm diging it HOWEVER I want a PS3!!! why? 3 games
Devil May Cry 4
Resistance Fall of Man
Maybe more games in time.

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Shadow Flare5381d ago

I was kind of surprised to see Gran Turismo on the list, but it makes sense though. In the E3 Press Conference, the Gran Turismo producer said he expects to create Gran Turismo 5 much faster than it took him to create Gran Turismo 4. So yeah, i guess it will be there, and playable too. And personally, i hope it shuts up anyone who still thinks Gran Turismo HD is a game. It was a freakin demonstration for 1080p, thats all. Hopefully, Gran Turismo 5 will knock the socks off everyone, cos it should feature damage aswell. Can't wait for that. That games gonna look spectacular.

The rest of that list is great too. I hope sony blows everyone away at this TGS. I just really want sony to do something big where i can just laugh at the moronic xbox idiots...cough...MART...cough

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The story is too old to be commented.