Joystiq: Rockstar, and others upset with Simpsons game

It's rare that a good video game parody comes along that isn't featured on YouTube, so you'd think that developers would relish the chance to get mocked by some of the minds behind The Simpsons Game, which includes goofs on popular games like Neverquest and Medal of Homer. Unfortunately, it seems that not everyone is in on the joke.

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UnblessedSoul4491d ago

Wow Rockstar that's just lame

Seraphim4491d ago

just lost any respect for Rockstar I once had. Lame is an understatement in this case...

fenderputty4491d ago

were picked on a little too much when they were kids. Just take the joke and roll with the punches. This only makes them look like little nancy boys.

YoMeViet4491d ago

lol lost respect for Rockstar now? guess you won't be getting GTA4 then?

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The story is too old to be commented.