Army of Two 'Teamwork' trailer

Everyone by now will know this game is all about co-op, thus teamwork...

Obviously the developer wants to make sure everyone knows this game is build on co-op from the ground up. So EA just send out this trailer, supplied by Gamevideos that shows nice visuals although not all ingame. Still worth watching for sure!

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TheXgamerLive4491d ago

This game could easily be a 9+ out of 10, or another lair failed type game. All the hype and no meat.

EA sinks or swims by this game in my book.

I'm anxiously awaiting.

Pete_Approved4491d ago

I agree with you there, But don`t worry! This game is going to be a blast! I`ve seen almost all the vids. This is a dream come true for all the hardcore Co-op players :P