Destructoid review: Heavenly Sword 8/10

For a game that started life as a PC title bound for next-gen consoles -- the Xbox 360 among them -- Heavenly Sword has come a long way. The game's developer, Ninja Theory (formerly Just Add Monsters of Kung-Fu Chaos "fame"), had gone through a number of publishers before finally making a home with Sony Computer Entertainment, and the PlayStation 3.

Originally described as "Ninja Gaiden meets Half-Life," the title was once labeled "too ambitious" by one of the game's previous publishers. Some four years after its 2003 reveal, Heavenly Sword has finally seen the light of day, and -- in some people's eyes -- came with a huge responsibility: To prove the viability of the PlayStation 3.

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Maddens Raiders4031d ago

All day!

Great Title, and only a taste of what's in store on future titles for PS3 owners. I am so happy with my purchases.

Irving4031d ago

Playing Twing Twang with Kai is the best part of the game. The best use Sixaxis by far.

Bebedora4031d ago

A fair score If I may say. A decent game and a heck of a story with great Serkis among the others acting out the figures in the game.

eyeballpauluk4031d ago

this game is superb, i just wish it was longer....heres hopin for hs2