No Assassin's Creed Demo Confirm by Jade Raymond

Jade has confirm there wont be a demo for LIVE or PSN and explains why...

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HeartlesskizZ4033d ago

Lots of hopes went down after her cruel words. very sad.....

the greatest4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

this game is the next big flop

SolidSnake934033d ago

I guess that she is somewhat right, how can you make a demo of a sandbox game? I guess I'll just have to read a review.

HeartlesskizZ4033d ago

yep it was a bit like asking for a GTA4 demo but you know when you are hype about a game you really hope for a demo no matter what.

Hatchetforce4033d ago

There have been demos for similar titles before. Just Cause anyone? Often such reasoning for not having a demo is common sense. You can either have the demo or the game. The team is in crunch phase and concentrating their efforts on the full game. But I suspect something else here...

There have been disturbing reports surfacing recently that the game isn't all it is cracked up to be and the controls are horrendous. An initial bad reception for a demo could severely damage sales. Severely damage. Particularly in one of the most heavily competed quarters in gaming history. All it would take would be a little negative community rumble for people to run off to CoD4, Incharted, or some other likely better game.

Siesser4033d ago

How? What was played at E3? A demo. that's how. This is the one game that I actually feel I NEED to demo first, because I was a little turned off by that E3 stage demo. I don't by any means expect a game to run perfectly months before its release, but if it's NOT, you have to deal with people making impressions off of it none-the-less.

okcomputer4033d ago

Crackdown was a sandbox game and had a very good demo. It just gave you a small portion of the map and some simple objectives to do to let you get a feel for the game. Theres no reason why assassin's creed can't do the same.

They probably haven't released a demo for the same reason there was no lair demo, they want to hide a subpar product behind the tons of hype its getting and sell as many copies as possible before people find out it sucks. I hope I'm wrong but thats what this seems like to me on the surface.

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wil4hire4033d ago

All I heard was music.

Who cares about a demo? Remember the days when you would just buy a game because it looked interesting to you?

I <3 Jade when she speaks.

Hatchetforce4033d ago

How young are you? I remember browsing the folders on Origin games and finding plenty of extra demos. In the early days, a lot of games were shareware. That is a demo if there ever was one. So when you say 'back in the day', the rest of us say you mean 'yesterday. WE MEAN BACK IN THE DAY THERE WERE DEMOS.

synce4033d ago

It's all BS. I'm guessing the real reason they don't want a demo is because it might turn people off from the game, or it might get bad press, etc. They're just not confident with it basically. Dead Rising was a sandbox game and there was a well done demo released on marketplace, which was pretty popular by the way.

HeartlesskizZ4033d ago

That is true, hmm but also I dont think the game will disappoint at least me

mighty_douche4033d ago

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