Does the PS3 price drop put Sony back into the race?

With the confirmation that Sony is finally bowing to pressure and dropping the price of the PlayStation 3, does the move now make this a console worth considering?

There is no doubt about it, knocking £60 off any gadget is going to boost sales, but creating an entry-level unit £125 cheaper is going to allow Sony to get back in the race that it has been so badly losing since March.

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Maddens Raiders4938d ago (Edited 4938d ago )

With 200 million in the fanbase it was never 'out'. Everybody knows that it was only a matter of time before Sony made critical halftime adjustments and started making a move to reclaim another championship. The writing is on the wall.

W 3 L C O M 3 C H A N G 3

jcgamer4938d ago (Edited 4938d ago )

to count Sony out is like counting out Jordan and the Chicago Bulls at their strongest going for the threepeat...if the PS2 proves to indeed be Sony's "Thriller" moment, then they will be the ONLY ones who can attempt to top the greatest selling console of all time, in my opinion...

nasim4938d ago

I had a ps2/ps1 and i will never buy any other console

with PS3 being far more superior and powerful than competition it is just a matter of time before it deals a death blow at inferior consoles.

PS3 was never out of the race. It has sold 5.5 m . AT a high price point that is an amazing feat.

HOwever EU and NA will totally fall to ps3 domination this October thx to a price cut

resistance1004938d ago


It is a price drop as the 60GB has been dropped from 425 to 369

Feihc Retsam4938d ago

OF COURSE a price cut will help sales, otherwise they wouldn't do it.
The price cut will not, however, cause PS3 consoles to fly off shelves at a pace that comes near the Xbox360 or the Wii...

Most people are not committing to a hi def movie format yet because of the "format war".

And there just aren't enough compelling exclusive games that are worth playing on the PS3 that will draw consumers in.

A price cut + some "must have" exclusives will yield some good PS3 sales numbers.

For now, and through the Holiday season, the Xbox360 and Wii will continue to lead the way comfortably. IN MY HUMBLE OPINION

MANTIIS4938d ago

Gotta agree with that, I wonder how many of the stubborn, indignant, trash talking, and unread fans of "that other console, " will be making the hypocritical move/change now? LOL.

sak5004938d ago

Same 120million argument. How come games like ff and GOW sell only few millions? 60million must have been repeat sales cuz of broken ps2s. And 95% of ps2s are modded and people buy 1$ games to play on it. They will not be buying a $400 console with games costing $60. Thats their entire months food budget.

secret4938d ago (Edited 4938d ago )

The articles headline is an interesting interpretation of the price drop. Here's another interpretation.

Sony is matching the xbox360's price to rumble face-to-face with with the dirt talking xbox360 in its own turf. Normally, if Microsoft truly (truly,truly) felt that its console can compete with the PS3 graphics for graphics, feature for feature, quality for quality, then it wouldn't be afraid to RAISE its price to match the PS3 and slug it out mano-e-mano. But Microsoft is avoiding the confrontation like a little chicken with that "BELIEVE" crap self-steam and hot air.

Now, Sony will bring the fight to the xbox360 unless Microsoft tries to flee again. Get ready xbox360. Hype and smoke & mirrors and self-steam and all other artificial-medical-life-suppor t machinery will keep you alive only for so long Microsoft. Sony is coming for you. You're hampering this generation's graphics potential, and Sony will get you out of the way. Your practice releasing a hardware to your loyal fans that you KNOW is defective becuase you don't care about them is on the line. Your inflated hype and corruption for this industry is awful.

The graphics of most multiports are similar, so that means that for an incremental $50, you get a free xbox360 without the $100 - $500 console lifetime internet fees and that you won't have to join the red-ring-of-death-group. Coupled with the free xbox360, you get a PS3, PS2, PS1, and PSN console. And you'll be able to watch bluray movies and dvd movies, all in one quiet machine that's so high quality that it's almost indestructable. Not bad for only $50 more than an xbox360. It seems as if, because my PS3 with these multiports and pc computer versions of xbox360 games like bioshock and halo or gears, I'm getting a lot of stuff. Why not pay $50 here instead of $50 for yearly internet fees on that hunk of junk console getting in this generation's way of higher definition graphics?

For a one-time $50 fee, you get a free xbox360 without internet charges when you buy a PS3. However, when you choose to pay $50 a year every year on the xbox360, what else do you get other than internet access which should be free? With the PS3, you participate in folding to advance human society. You get a free xbox360 with no RROD. You get PS3, PS2, PS1, PSN, BLURAY, DVD, SACD, CD, MP3, LINUX, Motion sensors, and on and on and on and on. With the xbox360, you participate in restricting this generations graphical potential. Here's the reason why:

The xbox360 got to the market first and has a larger market share. Developers want to eat these gullible,easy-to-fool harlem, ghetto customers like Snuka alive. Therefore, when they multiport these games, they'd focus on the xbox360, despite the xbox360's limitations and force the PS3 to look the same. Everybody, let's thank Microsoft and Snuka for holding back this generations graphics --> AGAIN. They got to the freeway first and because their hunk of junk car maxes out at 60mph before it starts to overheat and blowup, they're slowing everyone down again. They're blocking traffic. Get them off the fast lane. They're blocking traffic and slowing everyone down this generation. Tell them to go to the middle lane or join the Wii in the slow slane. PS3's Insomniac games, Killzone 2, Grand Turismo 5, and so on have work to do.

Admit it, the reason why I have to play a short 5 hour game on GRAW2 with mediocre to slightly above average graphics is because UBISOFT wanted to develop the game to the maximum speed and limitations of the xbox360 in mind, eventhough they were both developed from the ground up rather than being ports. Don't even bother porting Ninja Gaiden 2. Even if it came identical to the PS3, we know it should've been better had it been a PS3 exclusive.

An ugly girl wants to dim down the lights and put on tons of makeup (xbox360 smoke and mirrors and hokus pokus). A good looking girl wants to be seen, even without makeup.

It is a fact that xbots have or will have spent the most money by the end of this generation.

1) Add the console cost
2) Add the total internet fees of $100 - $500 by the end of the console's life
3) Add the necessary Bluray player (probably a PS3 if they like games) and/or HD-DVD player (no movies)because the xbox360 comes with neither devices
4) Add the games and movies and accessories
5) XBOTS, total up the total cost that's applicable and compare that price to the PS3. Let alone mention about the headache of RROD and a confusing lineup of consoles to choose from.

The majority of people who buy an xbox360 and still try to defend the system are not impressing me at all with their harlem-ghetto upbringing and train of thought and lifestyle. Make the change and stop contributing to the hampering of this generation's graphical potential and promoting lousy business pratices seen by Microsoft. And yes, I own shares of stock in Micrsoft.

Because the xbox360 is afraid to raise its price to fight the PS3 face-to-face, the PS3 will bring the fight to the xbox360 by offering a $399 price tag to one of its SKU's. Get ready xbox360. Smoke and mirrors, Hype, and self-steam and all other medical artificial life support will sustain your consoles life for only so long.

Prepare to rumble for your life.

You may not realize it, but the dividing line has been drawn, ladies and gentlemen. Everything to the left is the the xbox360 and xbox360 multiports. Everyting to the right will be the PS3, spearheaded by Sony first party developers, Insomniac games, and other Sony loyal developers. Please take a look at this link:

Thank you.

Sez 4938d ago

i have to disagree with you. it wouldn't be foolish of MS to drop the price of the 360 again.thats where you an alot of sonyfanboy get it is hurting with this price drop that they have to sell off stock in the insurance company and sell thier processor company to tosh for money to stablize the losses from the ps3. we all know that console companys loss money on thier systems but gain money on the software sale are not high and thier attach rate per systems isn't good ether.yes MS pocket are deep and they are not worried about losing alittle more to buy exclusive and make another price drop just to stick it to sony.

HateBoy4938d ago

secret: obsessed fanboy? Omg dude, that was fakking insane, stop wasing your life.

Daishi4937d ago

Secret you need to reword much of what you said. Everything you talked about gave the impression that Sony is in Microsofts shadow. Microsoft can't hold back the graphics for first party games or length for that matter. I can only imagine how many true Sony loyalists are completely embarrassed to hear your banter. I'm not knocking you for your passion, just proof read what you type so you don't give the wrong impression.

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Bloodmask4938d ago

that a price cut will increase sales. But for Sony to cut the price of PS3 twice in one year is not a good thing for Sony. It means that the console isn't selling up to expectations.

Otherwise why drop the price at all?

Price drop= Good for consumers but not a good sign for the condition of PS3 sales.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4938d ago

dropping the price twice(it rhymes) is a business strategy.

please don`t make me explain it to you.

think about it.

Bloodmask4938d ago

Yeah the "Business Strategy" is cut the price of your console twice and lose even more money on the hardware.

Because the competitors (Nintendo and Microsoft) are pulling away in console sales and overall install base.

I like how you disagree with me and your best rebuttle is "Think about it." Thanks for the debate.

trane074938d ago (Edited 4938d ago )

To try and spin this into some un-necessary. "this is bad for sony" issue is truely stupid. They are simply replying to the demand of consumers by releasing a more price available system. To say "OH this is BAD FOR SONY" is utterly ridiculous, yet its expected from a 360 fanboy's point of view. When it had its first price drop, you heard from tons of people saying that "its not enough. Lower it some more" and now that they have YOU still want to turn this to a negative when its nothing of the sort? Thats dumb as hell to think. It looks like you took an article that had the most negative reaction,(which the article hardly had) and tried to make some baseless claim off of it.

how the hell is a price drop bad news?

Violater4938d ago

It is a NEW cheaper SKU not a price drop.

MANTIIS4938d ago (Edited 4937d ago )

If we are talking in terms of pricing as a key component of a business strategy, then most 360 supporters will retort with MS dropping the price on their own system, as well. Here are a few tid bits as to why to do so is futile. It would be foolish (for MS) to retaliate with a price cut immediately without observing the trend at which the current price structure for the 360 fairs against PS3's new price. That trend? Not good for MS. Especially considering that with the modest price difference that the 40GB PS3 will have (laying between the 360 Premium and Elite), consumers will be forced to look at what saving the extra 50.00 dollars or so on a PS3 is additionally getting them-a blu ray player (top mainstream sell point), built in wi fi, bluetooth, free network play including HOME, access to key exclusive titles/franchises...then they will look at what the 360 or WII offers...none of those things (or if they do provide one or two, or three of those attributes, you have to pay for the them)All that and you're still saving 50.00 off the cost of a premium 360, as a bonus. Or, if they want to spend 50.00 MORE for an Elite, they still get nothing but a larger HDD (and the PS3's HDD is interchangeable). Either way, the consumer is at a disadvantage if they choose the 360 over the PS3 (yes, I know there are currently more games for what?!). MS can reduce the price of the 360 all they want, but there is a cap to that, as they are already losing close to 150.00 on each 360 sold (the core would be less) and have lost over 4 billion as a game division since the original xbox launched in 2001 (the xbox brand hasn't made them one red cent yet). As long as Sony maintains the 50 dollar gap with MS, the value of what they offer more of will dominate the sales minds of consumers, as will the savings. There is nothing MS can do about it but rebuild a new system (exclusion of built in HD-DVD biting you in the @ss, MS?), as PS3 is not only the most stable, high-tech, and powerful hardware-but thanks to the new price/hardware structure, the best value in consoles, as well. Your comment on PS3 not boding well as the reason for another price cut is false considering that ALL hardware manufacturers in this business lose money on a new console until they find the niche (price point) that spurns sales, which in turn increases the install base which leads to an exponentially increasing games venue. It is only then that a hardware manufacturer turns a profit (as a gamer you should know this), unless your Microsoft, in which case your S.O.L (over 4Billion in the red, ouch). Anyone who disagrees is an Xbot who is living in denial.

thewhoopimen4938d ago (Edited 4938d ago )

Please also keep in mind that the PS3 has the largest title lineup for the Holiday Season. Sony is really taking a huge step to try to bank this holiday.

Please also keep in mind that SCEA is making money, not losing it (from PS2 sales/licensing) and they can afford to take this price drop.

HateBoy4937d ago

Some of you guys need to spend some more time in school/college instead of playing video-games, some of the stuff you said was just... Soooo incredibly ignorant. You sound really stupid, honestly, think before you comment. Nevermind beeing obsessed dorks...
Take it personally, cause it is.

SofaKingReetodded4937d ago

the same ahole who stands up and boasts about how MS will match any price drop Sony makes. What's good for the goose is not good for the gander.

It really is getting tiring reading your retard drool.

Real Gambler4937d ago

NOBODY KNOWS except some big guys at Sony or Microsoft. So you can speculate as much as you want about a console price drop, you'll never get close... There's thousands of possible scenarios here. Sure enough, it's not an indication of bad sales or good sales.

Example 1: On day one, Sony was loosing about $200 per console. That's hard fact. Only gaming consoles are sold at lost, that's why only big business like Microsoft or Sony can afford to do so. They brace themselves and set aside huge chunk of money for that purpose. Back to Sony, if they would have sold 5 millions consoles in two months, it would have cost them a bunch. They didn't sold that many, so they didn't burn that reserve they had. Now, with time, manufacturing cost are dropping a lot. Big drop on laser, drop on memory, etc... That's where nobody can give us hard facts... Are they still losing money (great for us if they do). Are they only loosing $100? $50? NOBODY knows for sure. But suddenly that reserve can last a lot longer. So a price cut is NOT a bad sign for PS3 sales. It's simply something they can afford big time. Who knows, maybe they are not even loosing money today! Big theory, but it's as good as any you can guess.

Example 2: Microsoft had the same reserve because they were also selling their console at a loss... Having less fancy parts, they are likely already at the break out point or even making money on hardware!. It would have been a perfect time to lower the price but their reserve probably moved to the 1.2 billions extra warranty support. Again, keep in mind it's a theory, nothing else. Having a big wallet, they could likely still drop the price if they wanted too. If they make money on hardware, they could lower the price. But if they do (let say Wii price), and suddendly start sell twice as many consoles, even if they don't loose money, they may suddendly cannot produce enough, so they could be holding back. Again another huge theory. Is it good? Likely not, but not much better than anything we can fantasme about since nobody know how much it cost to build a console today and how much money they have in those "little" reserve they set aside on launch day.

Sure enough, it would have been harder to lower the price when they were loosing $200 per console, instead of today, where they may even be making a few bucks on each consoles sold ;)

Antiomo4937d ago

that said the 60 gb was not a price cut.?

The Brave 14937d ago

sony actually makes money off the PS3 in europe and maybe breaks even in the U.S. Explanation?????=1 dollar=1.5 euro PS3 euro price=599euro
599euro=900 dollars 900 per system = profit

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4938d ago

Microsoft is out of the race after holidays.

BIadestarX4938d ago

ahhhhhhhhh hahahaha! this comes from someone that's always predicting the death of microsoft as a company... and the xbox 360.
Did you learn for the first predictions? "xbox 360 dead once PS3 launch"? damn... one thing is to get a hard on at the idea of seing microsoft dying and another one is reality.

By the way... the drop price will help sell consoles to those (like me) that believe the PS3 is worth $400 and have the cash... but don't expect everyone one to easly drop $400 on a console if all they care about is which console have a larger game library and best games for Xmas.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4938d ago

I said its the death of Microsoft and EVERYONE ELSE in 2012.

Do some research.

Grinchy4938d ago

"but don't expect everyone one to easly drop $400 on a console if all they care about is which console have a larger game library and best games for Xmas"

Then they would get a ps2 yes????

unlimited4938d ago

It can be the end of Microsoft if Sony go on top again and reclaim their rightful thrown. I don't think Microsoft have any plans to release any games next year in 2008.well ill take it back they got NG2.Did they announce any new games?? Sony have a spectacular game line up. When consumer realize that PS3 library of games is getting bigger and bigger they going to drawn by it and that will lead them to purchase the ps3 system.

Proxy4937d ago

I want a nice PS3 comeback as much as anybody, but crushing MS and XBox will only mean Sony can be lazy. If it wasn't for XBox keeping Sony on their toes we may well be playing $600 for the original 60 gig version far into 2008.

I'd like to see all 3 consols pull over 30% market share. Keep the competition, keep the inovation!

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AnalFace4938d ago

But this pricedrop will sell a Shat load of units. Nuff said