Interview with Folklore's Yoshiki Okamoto

Yoshiki Okamoto is behind many recent Capcom classics such as Devil May Cry, Onimusha and Resident Evil to name but a few. Now a head of his own studio, Game Republic, he has a new project close to his heart called Folklore.

Soon to be released on the PlayStation 3, Folklore is something that is largely being tagged as an "adults' fairy tale". SPOnG spoke to Okamoto-san recently to learn more about the development process behind the game.

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Cartesian3D4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

thx for news.. :) . I Love this game ( I love RPG games) and this one has a unique artstyle and gameplay..

as IGN said : one of the reasons to buy a PS3


@1.1 yes , agreed.. Im tierd of Copy cat games after 10 years of gaming ...

may be some games wasnt perfect ( like Lair ) but they were good effort for being sth NEW ..

Folklore is one of them and so much better... We need these games for making and perfecting NEW genre...

games I like with same reason : eternal sonata,mass effect,Bioshock.. from 360

and Lair,HS,Killzone2,folklore,Mot or Storm,LITTLE BIG PLANET,PAIN.. from PS3

thx Valve for making Team Fortress 2 and portal .. and Shame on Bungie if they are makin another improved HALO .. they must put their huge Money and effort on New IPs .. for improving Gaming WORLD not improving HALO..

Cat4490d ago

yeah, I'm kind of gobbling up information on this game. When I played the first demo I thought it was all a bit strange but it really gets under your skin (in the good way). I wish more games flew under the radar like this and then surprised everyone with their awesomeness.

gunnerforlife4490d ago

i just wish this guy was still involved in the dmc series though:)