Gears of War PC Release Date Set; Details and Exclusive Screenshots

"The timing is right for this... we didn't want [to wait] 3-4 years," said Epic producer Rod Fergusson at a recent press event. Flanked by Gears of War director Cliff Bleszinski and Gears PC lead level designer Jim Brown, Fergusson explained that bringing the game to the PC was a natural move--especially considering it had actually been running on the PC during the project's early showings at E3.

Bleszinski echoed that sentiment, adding that the port had been under development since just after the original Xbox 360 version shipped.

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NRG4493d ago

Awesome, now they can focus on bringing me my UT3.

eyeballpauluk4493d ago

my work firewall wont let me view the page which gives the release date! What exactly is it???

cant wait for this game...this one game alone almost made me get a 360! Played it a friends house...