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March 15, 2011
An open letter from Bill Swartz, President, CEO and Head Woof of Mastiff

Mastiff’s thoughts are with the millions affected by the immense disaster suffered by Japan this weekend. I am relieved to report that Mastiff’s staff and friends in Tokyo are all safe and accounted for.

The United States and Japan have accomplished great things together. The videogame industry in particular owes much of its success to the partnership of our two countries. Our work at Mastiff would not be the same without our Japanese employees, partners, and supporters.

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digitaledge2777d ago

I find it encouraging that companies from all over the world are pulling together in the wake of this disaster, and also how they are trying to find different ways of spreading the message and raising money.

This, however, is no different to the now famous Tweet that Bing followers received on Twitter, and there was enormous backlash to that.

I genuinely hope that there is no backlash on companies doing this from now on, as despite its roots being advertising a company or product, the end result should be to show support for the people of Japan, and social networking is a valuable way to do this.

Elven62777d ago

I can see how people can interpret such actions as negative but it's also a way for the community to get together and help. Those who might not be able to donate money directly either for financial reasons or something else have the opportunity to help by clicking links, liking, tweeting, etc.

Further, such programs can encourage others to donate money on their own through awareness.

It's a double edged sword in a sense, there are valid arguments for both sides.