Metal Gear Solid 4 family tree

Solid Snake
First appearance: Metal Gear (MSX2)
Nationality: American
Affiliation: Philanthropy
Looks like: Your Grandpa
Voiced by: David Hayter
Biography: Solid Snake is a black ops/spy entrusted with keeping the world safe from the huge bipedal, nuclear-armed robots known as the Metal Gears. Since the first Metal Gear, Solid Snake has gone from snot nosed new clone (reproduced from the DNA of Big Boss) to white-haired and decrepit war veteran (despite only being set five years after Sons of Liberty).

What he's doing in MGS4: was last seen melting into the crowd at the end of MGS2 with information on The Patriots - a sinister organization controlling the US Government. Despite having retired from active duty more times than "Sugar" Ray Leonard, he's now back to take them on - let's hope his colostomy bag is suitably hardy.

First appearance: Metal Gear Solid 2 (PS2)
Nationality: Romanian
Affiliation: Unknown
Looks like: Freddie Mercury
Voiced by: Phil LaMarr
Biography: A dangerous mercenary with a taste for blood, Vamp was a member of the Dead Cell unit that was co-opted to become the terrorist organization "The Sons of Liberty" in MGS2. Vamp seemingly has supernatural abilities, as well as being indestructible - Raiden apparently kills him several times in MGS2, though he is seen in the crowd at that game's conclusion.

What he's doing in MGS4: MGS4 will see a rematch between Raiden and Vamp - the 2007 E3 trailer showcases some of this epic fight, and it's a doozy. Whose side is Vamp on though? Nobody is sure yet…

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KoolMan4034d ago

wow I did not know Vamp was Romanian, lol Snake looks like your grandpa hahaha funny one.

Kotaku4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

This Old like Snake suits more his character then a younger version.
it makes him look more experience and a better badass.

HeartlesskizZ4034d ago

Vamp is one of the characters that needs to be on the movie or else ill be disappointed

HeartlesskizZ4034d ago

They said MGS4 will reveal all the mysteries and connects everything with out answers. So I guess everyone will be back and maybe we will see the faces of the patriots. =)

SnakeCL4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Big Boss was in the original preview concept art for MGS4 back when it was first shown. With the return of Eva, its entirely possible that Big Boss will be making an appearance as well.

In the attachment, from left to right...
Vamp, Meryl, Raiden, Ocelot, Snake, Otacon, Big Boss, Naomi

And its not Solidus either, eyepatch would be on the wrong eye.

Mr_Kuwabara4034d ago

Big Boss is back but as in he'll play a big role in the story. He'll be there symbolically but not physically. (Since he was burned to death)

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The story is too old to be commented.