The Next Leap for Linux

Ubuntu/DELL make the front page of the New York Times online

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Dark_Overlord4491d ago

Its nice to see Dell offering a range of OS's rather than just one

xc7x4491d ago

they just now figured this out lol,i think they better get new writers who are more in touch with the scene

Squeezle4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

I like Linux a ton, and I've been really fed up with the piece of sh1t that M$ has dubbed Vista. If everything ran on Linux, the world would be a better place. I agree with the article about the whole political thing.... taking a stand against the monopolies that M$ and Apple have formed. Plus.... it's free! (Or damn cheap). Linux FTW.

@ snoop: Yes, I agree about the compatibility issues and that stems from there being so many Linux distributions instead of a couple. They simply can't design a program to run perfectly on all of them. Most of the programs you can run are open-source (like the OS), and so anyone can change or manipulate them. This is both a blessing and a curse. It offers the potential for constant updates (new features and upgrades), but you can seriously screw it up if you don't know what you're doing. This, I fear is the reason why Linux will never truly be competetive against Windows or Mac. Even with the user friendly GUI of recent Linux versions, there are still fairly easy ways to ruin your system (if you poke around too much). It may not be a perfect OS, but it's the idea and community that keep me coming back. Plus M$ and Mac charge out the a$$ for their stuff... BTW I think UT III will run on Linux ^-^

snoop_dizzle4491d ago

and vistas is that, a lot of stuff aren't compatible with it? Or is that much ado about nothing from anti-linux people?

say like the sound blast x-fi xtreme music sound cards and other stuff?

i would consider using linux but if i couldn't use my sound card or use wmp 11(maybe i can) i wouldn't use it.

mcgrawgamer4491d ago

yes a lot of programs are not compatible with Linux, only because it's not mainstream and companies won't make a lot of money of off it, I use ubuntu on my pc and absolutly love it. Especially the program open office which you can use with windows; a great alternative to the over priced MS office, and open office works with all of MS file types (hint,hint) All in all with the help of Dell I think Linux will become more mainstream and you'll start to see more and more programs compatible with it. If more game companies make their games Linux compatible I think it will really boom then.