MS banks big bucks with Halo 3, gets cocky in the process

Recently MS released a press release about all the money they have made there is one part of the press release Loot Ninja doesn't agree with, where MS states "Xbox 360 has the greatest lineup in the history of video games and is the only console where consumers can play all the year's biggest blockbusters."

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squallsoft4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

...MS makes me laugh. Best games line-up ever? i dont think so! SNES PWNS 360 anyday! super metroid FTW!


PS: what would a noob in the console industry know about games line-ups anyway???

unlimited4493d ago

If it wasn't for Halo they wouldn't be talking smack right now..and now Bungie wants to leave its only one game and halo 3 wasn't even great i agreed its fun especially MP..but other suckss

Alymon4493d ago

MS has been saying this since the 360 launched though. It's nothing new. That's their marketing line. They said it going into last holiday season.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4493d ago

They don't even best coming line up for holiday season from all the 3 next gen consoles

SuperSaiyan44493d ago

If you look how well HALO 3 did, then look at PGR4 which is out next Friday for Europe, Mass Effect in November. Then Lost Odessy but thats for Japan this December.

Overall if you look at the huge exclusives Microsoft has this year along they are correct.

No other console has those kind of top games out this year.

Will a PS3 game this year do as well as HALO 3? No. Will it next year? No not even with MGS4 because the userbase for the 360 is much much larger than the userbase for the PS3.

Also next year you have Fable 2, Too Human, Lost Odessy (For Europe and USA) Ninja Gaiden 2, SplinterCell Conviction, Alan Wake.

Thats more than what Sony has coming which are top they only have 3 huge titles MGS4, FF13 and GT5.

jlytle12344493d ago

you might want to check you sales records for what games are blockbuster games.

fenderputty4493d ago

M$ is claiming BEST EVER. This is total BS. Firstly, the NES is probably the best. Followed by the PS2. One could argue that both are pretty equal. I don't care if you think the 360 has an awsome lineup (it does) ... it doesn't come close to being the best ever. The other thing about this, it's all subjective. What you think is a good line-up other mind find sub-par. This comment is about as bad as some of the Sony treasures said back in 05'

TheFatOne4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

@SuperSaiyan4 - out of all the games you said only Fable 2 seems like it will make massive dough. Because the rest are new games so no one knows anyhing about them, but M$ could get lucky and have another GOW with one of their games next year who knows. To me Sony wil dominate 08 because of the proven franchises comming out.

Edit: Whoops missed Splinter Cell on that list, but I don't think that game will do better than MGS4.

Chris_GTR14493d ago

it really depends what your talking about.. if your reffering to gameplay and controls/camera then handsdown splintecell >>>> MGS4
if its just story then mgs is better.
its also because of this that i think mgO is gonna suck. mgs is a great game but the controls just blow. putting those onto a online game would be just catastrophic.

Bonsai12144493d ago

clearly someone hasn't been keeping up with the mgs4 trailers. new gameplay elements like the camosuit, first person view, new control/camera scheme make the game just as good as, if not better than SC. what new feature has been shown about conviction? one where you can duck behind and throw furniture. not much innovation there.

Chris_GTR14493d ago

ive seen the mgs trailers. ive also seen the 15 minute gameplay when kojima was demoing it. the controls werent good. he still had to go into first person to shoot someone accurately.(i think) the camo thing is the same as mgs3, nothing new. and come on wtf is up with all the gay stuff in mgs games?! first he grabs the statues Dik... then he humps some guard on the floor, then afterthat he takes the ammo from some other guard then grabs his balls and for some reason the other guy went uncauntious? i dunno man. then in mgs3 there was that part where that electric guy grabs raidens bals! (the guy that looks like raiden)u tihnk maybe kojima might be gay or something?
splintercell is taking new its more like assasins creed but in moderntime. looks alot like hitman games.

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The story is too old to be commented.