70% of Computer Repair Companies don't know what they're Doing

CBC Marketplace did a kickass hidden camera investigation into computer repair companies and found only 30% were able to correctly diagnose their problem. The video is a full segment from the show, but is well worth the watch.

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Crazyglues4498d ago

I have always said that these so called professionals are full of sh$t - especially Geek Squad.

ThaGeNeCySt4498d ago

Geek Squad sucks... they have some cd that boots (the cd has an os on it) and all they do is copy your files, and restore your PC, then put the files back... i can do that myself.. FOR FREE

RadientFlux4498d ago

interesting video.. hit home more for me since I am from the Toronto area. Thankfully I am not an idiot when it comes to computers and often times fix my own computer problems.

BIadestarX4498d ago

no offence to those A+ guys... but how can any one of these guys know what they are doing.. if all they do is part replacement. These people are just trained to follow a process... Aside from computer science I also majored in Electromechanical eng. most of these people don't even know about Ohms law or how things work... they just simply replace parts and read installation guide. "ohh no video card output.. replace video card!.... opps... no output yet... mainboard dead!... 16 colors... drivers"... if you get any of these people to repair your computer... how much is going to cost you depends on the order of guessing the guy repairing your computer will take...
lucky for us... most gamers know how to build and repair their own computers... so, who cares!

DeadIIIRed4498d ago

And once again the almighty and glorious Bladestar shares with us his eternal wisdom.

BIadestarX4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

Once again my presense and comments make DeadIIIRed feel insignificant and feel the need of responding with nothing but hate.
That's right, I know my $h!t! It pisses you off that I am not just an xbox 360 fan that you can run over with technical lies, that I have knowledge, experience and education in fields that you were too lazy or dumb to seek. Knowledge is power, ever heard of that? and I will use it and abuse it (if needed) against Sony fanboys such as yourself.
I have you exacly where I want you to be. Someone that no matter what I say; even if true disagree and complain about my comments. What's the point of fighting if there are no ememies?
Just shut up, stay out of my way... you may learn a thing or two. if not you will experience the blade you infidels.

(I'm having too much fun with sony fanboys in this site)...

spammy_nooo4498d ago

When it comes to computers I know what I'm doing, therefore I can safely say you have no clue what you are talking about.

That, and the fact that I have common sense and know that anybody with those degrees wouldn't have illiteracy issues and only four bubbles even on this site.

risk4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

ill tell you a secret. i got my A+ certification, applied at bestbuy/futureshop etc, never got a call, i think i know why (id help the customers so fast that they would make no money)

heres a tip for you consumers: USE YOUR WARRANTY! send it back to the notebook maker, they might charge a high price, BUT YOUR GETTING A PEICE OF MIND. you wont have to put up with this bull$hit with these morons. (companies like Toshiba, sony, HP, IBM, dell all hire REAL A+ Certified technicians who do their job, or get fired)

oh and blade, its easy as pie to fix this problem. boot up the computer, and it will beep, theres a system (in your mother boards manual) that tells you how many beeps = bad part. depending on the number of beeps you get you change that part or remove it. remove the memory boot it, doesnt work? put it back in remove somethign else, keep going untill you get a different beep. easy as pie.

SmokeyMcBear4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

again, blade showing at how he fails at life.. humility man, we all know you are a nerd with no life ok, we get it, stop pounding away at the few people haven't realized this fact. Sometimes i wonder if you are american/english, because some of your grammatical errors are..well.. very recognizable and are common in people who don't have english as their first language.. either that or you type too fast or failed english.. which is also understandable. Your degrees mean absolutely nothing man, I myself have a degree from cal poly in engineering and am working on my masters.. but am i a nerd?.. hell no, I drink, smoke, bars on the weekend, have fun going to raider games, stuff like that. You gotta have some balance in your life.

BIadestarX4497d ago

I said it many times.. I am not American. And english is not my native language. I'm from Dominican Republic. Spanish is my native language... well.. that and french..... oops... did I say I speak 3 languages.... ohhh crap... now you are going to think I am showing off...

lol... I am no nerd... do I sound like a nerd? I'm dominican fool... do some research... club... club... dance.. drink... [un papi como yo dique un] nerd? LOL.

We are not allowed to be nerd where I'm from too many [nalgas y mucho romo].

I don't smoke... those things will kill you... don't use drugs... need those brain cells. I played baseball (which Dominican does not) in a team(local Dominican restaurant has a team) on saturdays.
I'm married to a beautiful wife and I have a 8 month old little girl.
ohh yeah and don't forget my dog Jazz.

LOL.. that's problem with you Sony fanboys... you classify people and companies... you think you are right and everyone else is wrong.
ohh and if it helps I just turn 28 last month.

My passion is technology, robotics, video games, dancing, playing Piano, skydiving, fishing, I love Motorcycles riding see picture.. not the best but it's fun to ride)... and I cars (see my Honda civic)... just added a K20Z3 Extreme Turbo Kit.. must be like 500 horse power now...

Nerd my @$$... I very competitive and always push myself and I want to know everything that's worth knowing... that's my curse and my gift. I tried to be the best what wherever it's that I do; and usually things go one of two ways with people. we have a great relationship with co-workers and friends or I intidate them...

Can I be an @$$ and be rude? of course anyone can and is. Specially to those that try to undermind me or people I care. You try to make me feel small I will run you over... I'm a reflection to other people... you want to be nice.. I will be nice.. you want to be mean.. I will be mean... I don't take $h!t from no one.. that's a sign of weakness.

I first started to learn english like 5 years go. Blogs do help a lot. I'm sorry if it bothers you that I don't speak or write english like many of you. English to me is a tool for communicating ideas, which seem to be working just fine. Not planning to impress anyone with spelling... nor I like using spell check for everything I type.

My teacher used to say, "Keep w/the computer thing because 10 years from now, those people who are calling you nerd may be making your coffee and emptying your trash at work... or asking you, 'do you want some fries with that.'... school pays off...

funny how smoking.. wasting youself... having to go and clean yourself of STDs... cutting class... it's concidered "having a life" lol...

school paid off... only word for like 10 years... I worked hard.. now I can retire... which is why I have so much time to do the things I want to do...

another tip: invest your money... make it work for you instead of you for it...

then... you will can work less and do what you want to do.... while people call you a nerd for playing video games and blogging...

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4497d ago

Nice Bike. I was planning on getting a license soon to use them.

DeadIIIRed4497d ago

You still don't know how to take a joke. What? Did you just send off your 360 for repairs again?

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