Madden 08 roster update #3 details

The full list of changes made in the latest roster update for Madden 08 which came out today for the 360 and PS3.

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Nostradavis4036d ago

Hey Rams fan, are you tired of having Orlando Pace protect your blind side as you sit back in the pocket picking apart opposing defenses? Well then, good news — the third Madden 08 roster update will have you lying on your back toothless and grasping at your rib cage faster than Chicago’s Lance Briggs can flee the scene of an accident.

Notable Transactions: David Bostons guns (the flexing kind) are no longer in Tampa, Byron Leftwich has a new home on the bench in Atlanta, and Tank Johnson brings his guns (the shooting kind) to Dallas.

Notable Increases: Randy Moss and Terrell Owens both get significant bumps in the rating department (so much for being team cancers), and as if he isn’t good enough, Tom Brady squeaks his way up a point from 98 to 99.

Notable Decreases: Tedd Ginn drops from 79 to 77 as the Dolphins approach week 5 with a dismal 0-4 record … hey maybe the Chargers and Dolphins can swap head coaches — would anyone notice? More importantly, if the New England goes undefeated and Miami goes winless, I wonder if the 72 Dolphins team will try some of the Patriots tasty humble pie? Anything beats hearing about them drinking champaign again. And while Carnell Williams suffered a season ending injury, Bucs fans will retain the use of his services a little while longer as the running back dropped from 88 to 87, but was not placed on IR list.

Notable Injuries: In addition to Orlando Pace (mentioned above) the Bears and Bills are apparently having a contest to see who can lose the most players on defense. Buffalo, who let go of half their starting defense in the off season, loses what might as well be the other half with Paul Posluszny, KO Simpson, and Jason Webster all lost for the season. Hey, at least you still have Marshawn Lynch Bills fan (knock on wood).

Notable Contracts: JaMarcus Russell finally signs on the dotted line only to be greeted by what appears to be a healthy Cullpepper in Oakland.

Bolts4036d ago

Strange update. Some of the Chargers players got better, in Antonio Gates's case it make sense, in Vincent Jackson's case it make no sense. As for the Pats, Randy Moss is now more cheap and annoying than ever.

kg054036d ago

k so when does the finished version of madden come out??

im sick of playing the beta...