Retro 8-bit tie now available

Back in April ThinkGeek ran some "April Fools" items that got a lot of attention and also enraged quite a few people who actually wanted to buy them. Although ThinkGeek created the WiiHelm as their big joke, it was their subtle 8-bit tie that got people upset who tried to purchase the item and ThinkGeek said they'd actually start making it. Now the 8-bit tie is available in all its glory for purchase.

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Cat4497d ago

"very silk-like microfiber" LOL

Syko4497d ago

"Chicks Dig Big Pixels". Nuff said.

Wow, That's another shirt right there.

Blood_Spiller4497d ago

What's with the emo model?

Cat4497d ago

he made the tie. and then wiped away his tears with the silk-like microfiber.

HeartlesskizZ4497d ago

He needs better tattoos if he is going to show off.

codeazrael4497d ago

"I don't plan on ever getting laid..............EVER!