McDonalds Luring Japanese Children Into Blue Dragon Honey Pot

Normally, a McDonalds Happy Meal is designed to lure children to McDonalds. Cash in on a popular brand name, sell some burgers, make some kids happy. Not this one. McDonalds Japan are running Blue Dragon Happy Meals, where kids can pony up their parent's hard-earned yen in exchange for a burger, fries, drink and...Blue Dragon card.

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shodown194031d ago

I dont see anything wrong with this. Microsoft is trying to create some RPG awareness on their platform in Japan. They're just trying to do what they need to do to push consoles in Japan.

harpua4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

Obviously the game play, graphics and crappy ratings aren't going to lure them.

moolox4031d ago

How low can you go. Millions of fat japanese people running around with 360's.
Free games with 20 malboro coming next year

Syko4031d ago

McDonald's Luring Japanese Children Into..... Dude this title is creepy. Where's Chris Hanson when you need him.

Kholinar4031d ago

From the comments on the source:

"There's a Blue Dragon anime which is shown on Saturday mornings at 9am ie the children time slot. The art on the flyer is also from the anime and not the game. Thus this is not surprising."

So no, this is probably not a MS tie-in. It's probably just a tie-in to a popular anime series that has nothing to do with the 360.

razer4031d ago

All the graphics in this pic look to be just like the game.

While I do believe this is not a direct tie-in to the game. This is all the same franchise and if kids like the anime and the cards they might pick up the game. So it does have something to do with the 360.