Kane & Lynch 2 already in production

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men isn't even out the Eidos front door yet but the company has revealed a sequel is already in production.

Jane Cavanagh, CEO of Eidos parent company SCi, said SCi believes Kane & Lynch has the potential to be a franchise for adults that is respected and loved in the same way as Hitman.

"We've already got Kane & Lynch 2 in production, which just goes to show the belief we have in it as a long-term franchise", Cavanagh added.

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MK_Red4964d ago

Hey, what about the next-gen Hitman. K&L isn't out and with the tight release schedule of fall plus all more popular games coming along K&L as well as the similair co-op game Army Of Two, I don't see a bright future for this game commercially (But the game looks really promising).

thatdude4964d ago (Edited 4964d ago )

Kane & Lynch doesn't even look that good, looks like they just upgraded the hitman game engine. I think Army Of 2, will be better.

The haven't even had user feed back or reviews about the game.

I guess its just business to them they just wanna make games fast and easy to make a quick buck

socomnick4964d ago

Kane and lynch looks like a flop.

jackdoe4964d ago

Kane and Lynch looks exactly like Hitman Blood Money in terms of graphics and just can't compete with Uncharted or Mass Effect. I personally won't be buying it.

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