ZTGameDomain Review: Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel

Ar tonelico Qoga is a rather surprising game. I was expecting another boring, strange Japanese RPG with very sexual elements. What I got was an entertaining Japanese RPG with very sexual elements…that is also strange. All kidding aside, the game kept me playing. I couldn’t help but be enthralled with the storyline, and because there were no side quests, it kept me interested in the story and coming back for more. The combat, while simplistic, is satisfying and thought out. You never feel like you’re stuck due to being underleveled. The crafting and learning of new abilities is a satisfying game in and of itself. If you’re a fan of anime and Japanese culture, you may want to check this game out. I would suggest it to any RPG fan, even the non-JRPG players. It’s far enough from the norm that you may enjoy it. Just keep an open mind.

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Redempteur3747d ago

Good rpg with awesome soundtrack

//anyone that disagree just haven't played any game in the series .

NewMonday3747d ago

Is the story standalone or do need to know what happens in the first 2?

Neckbear3747d ago


It is most recommended you play the first two, yet ATQ also works as a standalone game.

Redempteur3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

There are quite a lot references to the previous games and in games jokes but the games are mostly stand alone.

Each ar tonelico take place in a tower and each tower devellopped her own civilisation after a GREAT incident that took place you can enjoy the problems in each tower without bothering too much about the rest.

BUT there are returning characters from previous games so you'll most likely miss some things. The previous games are also very good so i'd recommand playing the others if you can .they are cheap and they ALSO have a AWESOME SOUNDTRACK (even better than Qoga )

denero13747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

omg the scores are better then i expected 8's all around :O

how did u get a disagree >.>