Coded Arms Assault PS3 New Screenshots

New screens of Coded Arms Assault for the PS3. Coded Arms Assault heads to consoles as players take on the role of a hacker trying to overthrow an evil corporation bent on world chaos in a futuristic cyberspace. The game lets players unleash high levels of destruction on environments, using explosions to send deadly debris flying towards their opponents and strategically using high-powered weaponry to shoot out enemy cover. Multiplayer modes let players go head-to-head and also play through the game's story mode cooperatively online.

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specialguest5370d ago

this game looks like it'll be great. we've seen so many FPS about fighting aliens, post apocalyptic era, or the good old historic FPS already.(not that they're bad) this right here is something different.

Sevir045370d ago

whats better is that it's developer said that they were so pleased with the shear quality of the real time graphics that they wont be using any Prerendered CGI what so ever! so what we are looking at here is akin to actual ingame visuals, by the way this running on UE3 so this will look so UNREAL when it launches early summer 07. man some realy promising PS3 titles on the horizon! 07 will be the best year of gaming yet.

Cyclonus5370d ago

Why are the shots so small. You can't tell anything from those.

Captain Tuttle5370d ago (Edited 5370d ago )

Those look terrible and out of focus...and they're tiny. What are they trying to hide?

sa739175370d ago

The images are the usual high resolution that IGN normally has. I guess THE TRUTH just assumed most people wouldn't view them on N4G given the image viewer is probably the worst part of this great website..

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The story is too old to be commented.