Uncharted Nearly Done, Now Supports 1080i

Kotaku reports: Naughty Dog president Evan Wells says Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is just about done. Which is good news, partly because it's a promising PS3 game that's not being delayed. The good news doesn't stop there: Wells also rolls up his sleeves, trawls through the comments on the post and decides that due to fan feedback they'd go ahead and implement 1080i support, where previously they'd only been gunning for 720p. Swell gesture!

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Oblivioner4496d ago

1080i is visually less appealing than 720p and especially in big monitors its still worse

harpua4496d ago

"It will play in 1080p but it's software scaled to help out those with 1080i sets, so if you have a 1080p TV you'll still want to play it in 720p (which it will default to)."

fenderputty4496d ago

won't upscale games from 720 to 1080i/p, it's nice for people with older TV's. At least this way they can view the game in HD instead of a downscaled 480.

KeMoBLUE4496d ago

are you mad??? 1280x720p= 921,600 pixels 1920x1080i=2,073,600 pixels. thats over twice as many pixels as 720 even though it's interlaced. trust me 1080i looks beter than 720p most of the time. ESPECIALLY on big monitors.

THE_JUDGE4496d ago

I got 1080i, thats good for me!

synce4496d ago

People who only have 1080i seriously need to upgrade their TVs. I was in that same boat earlier, and then I bought a Sony Bravia. The difference was night and day.

bym051d4496d ago

Not necessarily. My 1080i Mitsubishi RPTV was very expensive when I bought it. Its picture is as good as the best sets out today. There is no reason to upgrade it just for HDMI and the 1 component manufacturer who doesn't scale at the source.

InMyOpinion4496d ago

Maybe if all PS3 games supported 1080p as Sony said it would. Right now there are just as many games on the 360 that supports 1080p, but most PS3/360 games support 720p so buying a 1080p TV is very unnecessary unless you're very rich/spoiled.

Bleyd4496d ago

Which games on the 360 run natively in 1080p?

DJ4496d ago

there's only three Xbox 360 titles that are native 1080p. The majority are 720p, and then upscaled to higher resolutions. Some are actually 600p or 640p.

Bleyd4496d ago

Because I know that there are more than 3 titles for the PS3 that run natively in 1080P. Somewhere around 20 something titles that do it. Granted, quite a few of those are PSN titles but I think that they should still count.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4496d ago

Idiots who think everyone has HD TVs when in reality 98% of the world still has SDTV. What is your comeback "they need to buy a better TV" then why don't you start dishing out money because most of the world live in poverty. Elitist assholes, why is always Droids who argue this point and no one else?

MRMagoo1234495d ago

Funny how you say games on the 360 run in 1080p i dont know of any that are natively 1080p on the 360 whats funnier than that is when sony first announced that ps3 games where gonna run in 1080p MS said noone can make games 1080p and even if you could there would be no point they also said that HDMI output was not worth having till they decided to use it themselves this is about a ps3 exclusive game noone cares bout the xbox 360 so go away jenzo and all u xbots that keep coming on to these ps3 news articles

InMyOpinion4495d ago

Blue Dragon was the first to run in native 1080p, and that was even before the PS3 was released. Virtua Tennis 3 does it. Then theres tons that don't run it natively.

@Bleyd - I'm not even sure the PS3 has 20 games to offer.

@DJ - Most (normal) people don't know the difference between hd-ready and full hd when they buy their lcd tv's. I don't think (normal) people are willing to pay a lot more money(unless they are filthy rich, or in your case, spoiled and in denial)just to get 1080p, when the only somewhat widespread commercial thing supporting it is the least popular console on the market. If they even know of it.

My point was that MS has always stated that for them 720p is the sweetspot. They don't have to prove anything. Sony on the other hand boasted and said that all games on the PS3 would run in 1080p, which we all know is a big lie. Most of you probably deny it, but it's fact. That's why it's extra ironic(I know DJ's not old enough to understand irony but anyways...)that some 360 games actually run in 1080p natively.

You know what's also proof that no one cares about 1080p? Halo 3 selling millions and millions of copies!

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SL1M DADDY4496d ago

Considering that it will help those with older sets. Heck, at least it beats out 640p right? lol

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