The Incredible Potential of PlayStation Eye

CVG are not usually ones for card-based videogames, but the technology used in The Eye of Judgement has itself grabbed their interest, and they have got videos to show you why.

Even though the game itself is a relatively static, grid-based card game, the tracking tech of this set-up gets even more impressive. The software actually has the ability to accurately track the movement of cards in real-time, and shift the on-screen 3D monster as though it were standing on the card itself.This doesn't just include movement over a 2D plain, but full 3D motion tracking, meaning if you move the card close to the camera the PS3 makes the monster bigger as it gets closer to the screen. It even tracks the tilt of the card, so tipping it left or right rotates the monster on-screen.

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xg-ei8ht4033d ago

Impressive tech!! and looks like a sweet game, japan will love that one.

THC CELL4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

is it true that there going to relese cards in game shops like they did with pokamon cards?

i take they will be random fights and high card sales on ebay.

just ruff guess?

Mu5afir4033d ago

The booster packs will be 3.95 I think, and starter decks will be 19.99.

Lumbo4033d ago

Card distribution is handled by "Wizards of the Coast"
If you are into card games you know them ...

Bathyj4033d ago

ABout time someone recognised the potential of this thing.

Remember the demo in the bathtub with the 2 glasses pouring water from one to the other. Its a far more accurate motion tracking device than both the sixaxis and the Wiimote. When I saw that I thought, now why cant those glasses be lightsaber handles with exact movement tracking instead of the swish the Wiimote the sword roughly swishes the same way type of control in Zelda. So many possibilities.

Jinxstar4033d ago

Still on the fence... I liked card games as a kid... I like the online feature but would rather play with friends... I think convincing them it will be fun will be... Hard.

THE_JUDGE4033d ago

I want to know is if I can do video chat straight out the box, if so I'm sold.

dhammalama4033d ago

you can already do video chat with a bunch of generic webcams, if I'm not mistaken. The original eye toy or compatible cams can be connected and used for web chat.

MikeGdaGod4033d ago

you can video chat with the eye or any usb cam

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The story is too old to be commented.