Definition of AAA game titles

..... "AAA, A, and B level games have nothing to do with how good the game is. If you wrote the worlds greatest space invaders clone today and even if it had great graphics, great sound, and was totally rock solid, it would still be a B class game."

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EZCheez4031d ago

Do we really need to think about this? As far as "AAA" goes, the only people who even use it on this website have their own preconceived definition in their head anyway.

This logic will do them no good.

Munky4031d ago

This, like many other terms are thrown around this site way to often.

Says you4031d ago

Hyping alot of their games that arent even good such as well I guess I wouldnt need to name them all and oh lets not forget that journalist and reviewers hype them as well and than they make alot of the XBox 360 fans excited.

Lumbo4031d ago

No matter the good intentions, still a Blogpost from Friday, January 07, 2005 does not qualify as "news" as far as i am concerned. Nevertheless it is a good read, thx.

SL1M DADDY4031d ago

The general concept of AAA titles should not change no matter how old the article is. AAA Titles and what makes them so should be set in stone anyway and should not change on a whim due to whatever games are out at the moment. IMHO, the article should be a worthy read no matter the year. He/She makes some good points in the post.

AllroundGamer4031d ago

AAAs are reserved for the MS bribing system games :D

TheMART4031d ago

"If you wrote the worlds greatest space invaders clone today and even if it had great graphics, great sound, and was totally rock solid, it would still be a B class game."

And there is the flaw in this story:

At that time, there was less competition. Everything was new. Thus it is an AAA game.

Same with music. These days there are too much bands. Would bands that got earth famous in the 60's become as famous today? No. Were they still freakin great back then? Yeah.

Thus. Average reviews rated over 90% is stated and known as AAA games.
The rating is written in that specific time, made up on graphics, gameplay, online etc etc

A 10 out of 10 today can be given. Even if next year games have evolved. A 10 out of 10 then means just: good in that specific time. And ofcourse afterwards new things are always better compared to older stuff. So what

PONG IS AAA! (back then at least :P)

big_tim4031d ago

You clearly missed his argument. The AAA title is based on budget not quality of game. Obviously your definition is different then the one stated in the article from 1998.

The question is if the industry today (not fanboys) has adapted a different definition than the 1998 version?

bednet4031d ago

So by this logic, Final Fantasy VI advance is a AAA title, not because it cost a lot to produce or market, even considering that this is a remake for the GBA, it averaged a score of 91% (in 2007).

About the space invaders thing...he meant that it WAS a AAA title back then, but TODAY even with updated graphics and such, it would be a B title, because it would be cheap to develop. Just like FF VI Advance.

Can a game really be only A at 89.9% and AAA at 99.0%? Nonsense, reviews are just opinions that vary way too much to be anything but a way for gamers to vaguely have an idea of what to expect.

bootsielon4031d ago

AAA is all about production values, not metascores, you moron. Nobody believes you except Xcowboys and Xbots. That's why LAIR, Killzone, Metal Gear Solid, Heavenly sword, folklore, resistance and so on have more reasons to be called AAA than Halo 3. In fact... everything that fits on DVD9 could pretty much cease to be called AAA, since a new standard has been set.

By the way, Warhawk wouldn't classify as AAA, since it can be downloaded and it's multiplayer only.

Vavoom4031d ago

While you are out calling people morons, save one for yourself! What TheMart said does have some validity. Using the logic used in the article, this would make AAA titles relevant to their era. A game that costs a bunch of money to make in 1998 and thus acheived the category of triple-A, would not be considered AAA today, because the same amount of production and marketing money used then would not go as far today.

Besides, that theory is how producers and publishers classify AAA titles. The way gamers classify AAA titles are how well they are accepted by the general public and how they are rated by the professional reviewers. With that being said, MGS4 and KILLZONE are not out yet so you don't know if they are AAA or not, you're just being an ignorant fanboy. As for the other titles, I will only respond with the following "YOU WISH!".

HALO3 fit the criteria of both the past and present AAA requirements, it also meets the criteria for the gerneral public, and professional reviewers. So, for you to say HALO3 is not tripple-A would be purely based on hate (Since you are obviously ignoring the facts and the numbers.)

With the exception of bioshock, gears, and oblivion, not much else has received the ratings of Halo3. We don't even need to get into the halo3 sells area do we?


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