Valve: "Paying Off A Debt" To Customers

Valve's Project Manager/Engineer Erik Johnson has stated categorically that Valve has no intention of taking gamers' money for Steam as Microsoft does for Xbox Live & Steam's community features are not in competition with Microsoft's Games for Windows Live:

"We will not charge for The Steam Community and its features. Never even entered our mind. Part of it is to address the fact that when folks first bought Half-Life 2, Steam didn't offer many reasons to stick around. It didn't do enough for customers, and it didn't justify itself. So I suppose we're paying off a debt now."

In related news, SPOnG just received an e-mail from Valve's director of marketing, Doug Lombardi, reminding us that the much-anticipated Orange Box is available as of next Wednesday on Steam and in retailers (in the States).

SPOnG checked in with EA, which confirmed that the retail version of The Orange Box will be available from October 19th on the PC and 360 over here, with no date confirmed for the PS3 version as yet.

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SofaKingReetodded4127d ago

your VAUNTED live is in reality the SCOURGE of the industry, EVERYONE and their mother knows it's a RIPOFF.

Bolts4127d ago

There is not a single reason why any PC gamer would be interested in Live. None. The kind of achievements that Xbox Live offer is pretty much meaningless in the PC world where the emphasis is on performance and mods. PC gamers will not tolerate being nickled and dimed for things like map packs and demos that they generally enjoyed for free.

crazy250004127d ago

i would never pay a monthly fee for Steam, xbox live or PSN if they made it that way

mighty_douche4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

because as much as they like making money they actually value the loyalty of there customers over the all mighty buck. microsoft are purely in the market to get as much money out of your pockets as possible simple as that. i set up a live account for a friend the other day and if found it terrible, you can buy either 3,6 or 12 monthes and you dont even get a discount for the longer periods of time, then i discover that to complete the process you MUST have a valid MSN live account in other words they force you to sign up to Hotmail. theres a reason that they are number 1, not because of their quality, purely they make sure once they've got you its by the balls and over time they twist....

microsoft dont care about this, they've already got their money out of you.

edit @ WilliamRLBaker, lol you fan boys have a screw lose, would you like me to provide you with his LIVE NAME??? its 'ZED TRON' he's only played halo 3 so far and joined the network on 29th of september, take a look if you dont believe me. you really have some problems mate, maybe the set up is different in the US but everything i listed above is how it happened regardless of weither your deluded brain want to believe me or not, i dont really care.

WilliamRLBaker4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

Edit: I've cut out all the fat and will post a simplified ownage.

I'll simplify matters for you with a list of what you need to to do signup for xbox live.

1.Buy an 360 you do know how to do that right? you pay with a thing called m.o.n.e.y
2.Go here,, or anyplace with the live signon, click signon, or do it on your 360.
3. if you dont have an live account *not xbox live, but live account I.E the service microsoft uses online which evolved from passport, you can signup on that page it gives you the option of using an existing hotmail address or.......TA DA! using any address you want.
4.use this tutorial on how to signup via your 360 console.
5. TA DA on xbox live!

What has the list so far proved, You do not need, or any other microsoft associated email address to signup with xbox live you only need an email address and you need to signup for passport/live which you can do within the 360 dashboard. so your supposed story of ""Oh I signed up my *friend* for live and it was a long and terrible experience"" is an outright lie, For all we know thats your xbox live account or its one of your friends whom u told to lie for you.

Xbox live, An live membership I.E is not hard to do it takes less then 3 minutes to signup via the 360 with all of it and get on xbox live for the first time.

So you sir are WRONGGGGG!!!

WilliamRLBaker4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

because steam sux you cant offer a fee for that, it basically serves one function that its good at, and thats downloading games this is about it, Ingame server functions all ways have outdid 3rd party or inparty matchmaking when it comes to valve, Id much rather they make better the allready implimented ingame matchmaking then create an steam intergrated one.

I installed and logged into steam when i redid the install on this computer for one reason alone and thats to download all the games i've aqquired via retail over the years that then let me download over steam.

Edit: same as the ID here, its all i ever use.

mighty_douche4127d ago

please provide me with your steam ID....

Bullseye4127d ago

If i buy the latest valve games, but i don't have an internet connection, will i still be able to play the offline single player game???

Rooted_Dust4127d ago

No, all games on Steam require online activation. That was one of the original gripes about Steam, but since most computers do have internet connections it isn't that big of a problem. Also how are you posting without an internet connection, or are you just on a different PC?

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