Spot On: Japanese developers sound off on Xbox 360

GameSpot UK's Special Report: Despite a massive effort, Microsoft's console is still struggling in the Land of the Rising Sun; executives and game designers discuss why -- and what can be done.

This report includes comments from Xbox Live marketing director Aaron Greenberg, Infinite Undiscovery director Hiroshi Ogawa, Soul Calibur IV programmer Masaaki Hoshino, Ace Combat 6 localization specialist Naotaka Higashiyama, Infinite Undiscovery producer Hajime Kojima, and Microsoft's first-party publishing general manager Phil Spencer.

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Captain Tuttle4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Nice find Round Peg. I don't like Japanese style games at all so it's not a stretch for me to understand that the Japanese aren't too fond of Western style games. If MS can afford to continue to do so poorly in Japan then why not keep trying? I personally think it's a lost cause though. I also think that the 360 can be a success in spite of it's performance in's all about the high attach rate the 360 has (Something like 6 games per console).

sanderFVCKINcohen4129d ago

I have one thing to confess unto you, my fellow Americans, with a solemn heart on the matter, with humility unassumed, I beg you to spread the gospel of the 360's install base. So that many, even our kins in Great England, may recieve the gift of true gameing experience. So that we all as one have & experience a sentiment of what true gameing is. That as being as one mind & mics alike, that we may be as one comprehensive enough to convince the Japanese developers to provide onto us a remake of FFVII, and many others of the like.

What terms shall I find sufficiently simple in their sublimity — sufficiently sublime in their simplicity — for the mere enunciation of my theme?

There, there I have explaind.

Also, for the FONY traitors that tread there filth upon this Great Land of America, renounce yourselves from the black demon that lays in waist, dusted with great....great...ummmm, YES!!! NOTHINGNESS!!! and bring yourselves to the light of the 360. And quit being the fools that hang dangleing upon credulous's & incautious's hook. Amen.

cheatmaster284129d ago

I love japan because they can see how much the 360 sucks.

Gina-get-u4129d ago

You've done your fair share of lowering the national IQ yourself, gas bag.

BIadestarX4129d ago

It's amazing how dumb you are... you failed to understand American's strength... diversity. We have people here from all over the world, difference cultures, mindset, point of view, etc. This is why America is the first to do many things.. most inventions started here. Like the nuclear bombs that were dropped in japan. Or the computer you are using.

mighty_douche4129d ago

infact nuclear technology was being developed to produce a cheap renewable source of energy for the world, that was, untill the american government got there hands on it and desided well instead of doing something to help the world lets make something to destroy it...
and with regards to:
"This is why America is the first to do many things"
i dont even know where to start with that, frankly im surprised many of you have the energy to play games what with your obeseity problems...
i personally think america to be the number 1 threat to humanity but this is a gaming website so ill leave it there before i get carried away!
want another cheeseburger there little buddy

cheatmaster284129d ago

Well who said im dumb? I could make normal comments but id rather make smartass ones and watch you guys react. As snart as i am with tech its fun to watch the xbots squrim a little when someone says that their system sucks.

Btw im not using a comp,im using my linux powered ps3. Ironic eh?

chrno4129d ago

wow fooking bladestar, u sound like if the invention of nuclear bomb is a good thing. What a fooking redneck.

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mighty_douche4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

IMO japan have the best knowlegde of hardware and tech in gereneral, and regardless how good the 360 is or how many great games (if your a westerner)it has the japanese wont except things such as the RROD or having to pay to go on-line.

also just like Americans they are very fickle and try and stay with their home grown companies. Microsoft might as well pack up shop in japan and apply their full efforts into the other territories, although sony are currently attracting alot of the EU's attention so that leaves M$ with US, oh, and Russia, good luck with that one, maybe bill could release a halo themed VODKA.

zerolinkgannon4129d ago

Halo themed Vodka, too funny man. And your spot on about RROD and online. I can bare w/it but most won't, people don't put up w/stuff like that. -sighs- when final fantasy release...I pity for M$. I speak on how things are over here ok *tokyo, Japan* not in the U.S or Europe

Mark 14129d ago

"IMO japan have the best knowlegde of hardware and tech in gereneral"

Do not limit yourself to Japanese products. South Korean companies Samsung and LG make better products that cost less.

mighty_douche4129d ago

where exactly did i say i limit myself to japanese products?? the headline is redarding the xbox sales in japan, hence why i talk about japan not South Korea.

Shadow Flare4129d ago

It's because xbox games are designed FOR westerners and its almost just ported to Japan with the mind of 'Well these games were meant for us, but see what you think of them anyway'. And the Japanese KNOW the 360 is not built with them in mind and therefore show very little interest back

Sony and Nintendo understand Japan completely and what makes them tick. But this where the difference in the 3 complanies lie:

Microsoft mainly design American games, for americans. And just see if anyone else likes them

Nintendo mainly design Japanese games, for Japanese. And just see if anyone else likes them

Sony however has an excellent spit between Japanese and American, while also covering every game genre there is extremely well and incorperating casual gaming as good as anyone. This is why sony has won every console war since

SlippyMadFrog4129d ago

The PS3 isn't doing so good over there either, much better than the Xbox360 but still, not so good. The only company thats realy got the Japanese nailed is Nintendo with the Wii and DS lite. Very affordable and inovative hardware that is compact and reliable.

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