PSP Slim Hits Half a Million in Japan

Sony is boasting about the fact that only two weeks after the PlayStation Portable Slim and Lite went on sale in Japan, 500,000 units have already been sold.

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MK_Red4032d ago

PSP FTW! I hope it does as good outside Japan. Time for people to realise the true potential of PSP.

kingofps34032d ago

Somebody, please! get more Final Fantasy games to the PSP. Square-Enix, I am obviously talking to you.

Shadow Flare4032d ago

Final Fantasy Tactics for the psp just got 9.5 from IGN

So its supposedly a brilliant game

There's you're answer

WilliamRLBaker4032d ago

beause instead of being obessesive about good games, they are obessive about system design, minaturization...ect

Release 15 new versions of psp? the japanese will buy everyone, Make it all pretty and small? the japanese love that.

If they released an cellphone the size of the one in Zoolander the japanese would eat it up they love small tech its an obession with them, since they are stuck in tradition and wont build on ancient lands instead they will only build on established cities, and which is why space is at a maximum and a apartment costs so much and you pretty much get a closet and thats it!!

barom4032d ago

dude don't say "japanese are like this and that". Fact is americans buy iPhone just because it has a touch screen and the label "Apple" on it.

Shadow Flare4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

that handhelds are meant to play awesome games, not to train your damn brain

Bazookajoe_834032d ago

Ill maybe pick one up by christmas, i would like some realy good fps and multiplayer rpg. I can´t realy see myself play anything ellse but firstparty games on the Ds, that can get booring after awhile..

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