PS3, Xbox 360 pass water on Wii

The Sony PlayStation 3 was the world's most popular HD-capable games console in 2010, out-shipping Microsoft's Xbox 360 by 2.2m units.

But figures released by market watcher Strategy Analytics still put both of those machines behind Nintendo's Wii in the race to lead the fight to be the top selling current-generation console.

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ComboBreaker3789d ago

And it will be the world's most popular HD-capable games console in 2011 too, like it have been every year since 2007.

Marked3789d ago

I can smell fromunda cheese curdling... should be good tuesday entertainment.

B1663r3789d ago

So from Sony's and Microsoft's own numbers, it will only take another 3-4 years for the PS3 to outsell the xbox... Unless the Kinect Effect continues, then it will take a bunch more years...

trounbyfire3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

well WW right now this year PS3 is ahead so thats with kinect and sony sold the same WW as microsoft over the holiday period last year with kinect big bump.

ps3 is doing fine in my eyes and it only gets better. BTW Move has probably sold 5-6 million by now, problem is software.

E3 should be GREAT this year

B1663r3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Naw, this earthquake, and nuclear diaster is going to knock out ps3 for the count. Better luck next gen.

That is unless you want radiation in your blu-ray player.

Yeah, I went there.


It is a fact, the factory that makes the blu-ray lasers is in the radiation exclusion zone. It is going to take Sony years to recover from that.

/fanboy war over

Drekken3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

B1663r - How pathetic are you? Japan is in ruins and you are cracking jokes to use on your argument for the console war? I have reported you... how friggen sad.

@above reply - That doesn't make you any better of a person. Put the console war away... be mature. I guess that is just asking too much. Perhaps a few more generations of evolution will do your lineage some good.

B1663r3789d ago

Not a chance, not when MS haters are gonna hate on microsoft, they way they did yesterday.


Renewman3789d ago

Oh I get it! You're butthurt form the fact Microsoft tried to profit off of destruction and so like a child mad that his parents grounded him for doing something bad, you are going to get back at us for hurting poor Microsoft?

Absolutely pathetic and disgusting. You shouldn't even be allowed to have access to a computer.

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Renewman3789d ago

is because of it's price and the whole nature of the console. It was a console that revolved around motion control for a fraction of the price. This the reason why it has the sales it does. It has great games but in the end, it is a console for people looking for casual experiences and doesn't match the PS3 or 360.