CEO of ESA Wants More DMCA around the World

You know the thing on iTunes music after you download that won't let you copy the music onto any other computer? And that thing that will only let you install Bioshock twice?

That's all thanks to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. And Mike Gallagher, CEO of the Entertainment Software Association, wants more. Well, at least he wants the rest of the world to have more.

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Lumbo4031d ago

Huh ?
The article has it completely upside down O_o

The mentioned copy protection schemes have been around longer than the DMCA. The only thing the DMCA does is making it a breach of the law to circumvent this copyprotection garbage and to sell or produce tools to do so.

Simple example? : AnyDVD was a perfectly legal tool pre-DMCA, but is now considered illegal based on the DMCA.

The main fault with the DMCA is that it completely nullifies fair-use as defined by the law.