IGN AU Graphics Showdown: Empire Earth II Vs III

With Empire Earth III's release just around the corner, IGN take a side-by-side look at Mad Doc's latest strategy title versus Empire Earth II. Over the next 12 screenshots or so, you'll see just how much more detailed the series' visuals have become, as well as just how radically the team has shifted its approach to visual design.

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Prismo_Fillusion4129d ago

I love this series.
Clearly there's a big graphical improvement between these two games.

However, I noticed something strange. In almost every comparison, the EEIII shot was in a more advanced stage than the EEII shot. That might not mean something always, but if you're comparing Scouts in EEII to Paladins in EEIII of COURSE the Paladins are going to look better. Even if the graphics weren't improved, they'd have more detail.