Poll shows Dutch women are gamers too

The polling agency TNS NIPO Technology in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, released these results of a study among 8,000 people:

* Dutch women like to play computer games just as often as men do.

* Almost one-fifth of the 10 million Dutch internet users spend about 15 minutes per day playing a game.

* Among female gamers, 42 percent play games on a daily basis, compared with 44 percent among men.

* 12 percent of male gamers play games more than two hours daily; among women, this is only 6 percent.

* On average, male gamers are younger than women: a third of all male gamers under 25 years of age; a quarter of female gamers is younger than 25 years.

* Most gamers - 93 percent - play games on their personal computers, followed by PS2 (16 percent) and Nintendo Wii (4 percent).

* A fifth of Dutch gamers use mobile devices to play computer games; 10 percent uses their mobile phone; the number of mobile gamers is expected to grow substantially in the next few years.

* Only a small minority of the gamers enjoy extremely violent games. Two-thirds of all gamers would like to see violent games banned.

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ChickeyCantor4124d ago

once you go dutch you are doomed!

neh, but its not often you see a female gamer here in the suprising.

Maccas4124d ago

my gf is dutch and she plays alot of games. Mostly PC games she is an avid WOW player as much as i hate that! I convinced her to buy a 360 aswell :D

ItsDubC4124d ago

That's an awesome article pic lol. I found this very interesting:

"Two-thirds of all gamers would like to see violent games banned."

2/3rds seems like a lot, but it actually makes sense given the fact that 2/3rds of male gamers in the Netherlands are over 25 and 3/4ths of female gamers are over 25. Violent games appeal mostly to teenagers.

Cat4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

i have to wonder how people are defining "violence". if it's the manhunt series, okay, they mean "gratuitous violence". but if it's the ability to slay a deer and rob it of its venison, or ww2 gunfights, or blowing someone up just to see the explosion, well i want that violence to stick around.

@dub: agreed, and you're right that desensitization plays a role as well as graphic realism. i think you just have to be comfortable with the line between reality and the game. cuz it's a big, fat line. :)

ItsDubC4124d ago

Good point. Even Mario jumping on a goomba's head involves a degree of violence so lines have to be drawn just as lines have had to be drawn for rating systems such as ESRB.

For me, a game doesn't have to be like Manhunt in order to be considered violent. A lot of it has to do w/ degree of realism. If in one WW2 FPS I shoot someone in the head and they just fall to the ground, that's much less violent than another WW2 FPS in which I shoot someone in the head and a giant bloody hole appears where the face was and blood starts gushing.

So at best, we can only estimate what each Dutch person's view of a violent game is. Someone who plays games more is likely to be desensitized to violence and therefore might not consider Halo violent.

Capt CHAOS4124d ago

I've met plenty of dutch women and they have all been game.