10 Things You Need to Know about Assassin's Creed

Gameplayer has listed ten key points about Assassin's Creed as anticipation builds for this upcoming new IP from Ubisoft.

"Assassin's Creed is looking absolutely amazing. In fact, those few lucky souls in our office who've seen the game in action have heaped some serious praise on the early code. One quote we heard with something close to disbelief was 'it puts BioShock to shame'. It's a big call, and we'll know for sure very soon whether it's justified, but as the anticipation builds we thought we'd share with you ten other things you need to know about this awesome release."

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ATLRoAcH4032d ago

And I've been following it pretty closely.I already reserved the limited edition and can't wait.I think this game will be big and I think the story itself is going to be amazing.Its also interesting he said Ubisoft said that at least one of the next two in the trilogy will take place in the future.I had a feeling that futuristic look some complained about had something to do with the story.

joydestroy4032d ago

a few things i didn't know as well.

wil4hire4032d ago

for both platforms. I only hope whoever is developing it took the time to get the ps3 version correct.

I also really hope that there is extra unlockable content which = pictures of jade or interviews w/jade. Or just jade breathing.

pandabear4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

I truly think this will be THE game of the year - it is new, going to be an epic story like Bladerunner, Terminator & Matrix all rolled into one!!! I can't wait, I have a PS3 and although looking forward to UNchartered & Ratchet I also can't wait for the multi platform Assasins, Rock Band and Smackdown vs Raw - going to be a great holiday season for all.

wil4hire4032d ago

NOT another FPS. FPS's are the "REality shows" of the game industry.

Just take the basic FPS engine and add different weapons/(maybe story) + tack on multiplayer.

I love what games like Uncharted/Little Big Planet/Assasins Creed/ are bringing to the table.

Ignorant Fanboy4032d ago

The PS3 version sucks, and will get delayed about a year, like the rest of their games.

Korosuke4032d ago

You don't have to say that thing, everybody konws that already.
Sony's 1st party devs should break such a thoughts of users as soon as possible with their title if the power of PS3 as gaming console is true (I don't know PS3 is strong or not, anyway).
Because 3rd partys can't handle PS3. Everybody's thouhts fixed that PS3 is just weak as gaming console, PS3 is Blu-ray player with gaming console.

Bebedora4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

It will burn if you try to
It will break if you want to
It will scratch your disks if you shake it

But all these 'features' comes pre-bundled with the xbox360 and you don't even have to try doing any of these things. It just happen!

Korosuke4032d ago

-It will burn if you try to
-It will break if you want to
-It will scratch your disks if you shake it

lol, I don't know Xbox360 does have such features, but it's a brilliant line.

Bazookajoe_834032d ago

And are delayed a year ;-)

ATLRoAcH4032d ago

Your name says it all.They already said there would be only a 5% difference in the two versions.The difference having to do with disc space,HMM. Also the PS3 version has been in production longer(was exclusive)and they show it on the 360,why? Because microsoft paid them.DUH!

green_ghost54031d ago

@ 5.1
Your not making much sense, you type lie a 5 year old.

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