Zanzibar Map, Lego Style

College student creates Bungie's Halo map, Zanzibar completely out of Legos.

Here is a quote from the video itself, "After nearly two years of building and thousands of dollars sunk into my project, it's finished. This is my latest video which details how I made my famous Lego model of Zanzibar from it's very first stage, to the now near completed form.

I wanted to make this video so that everyone will get the facts straight. I originally sent the picture and video files that you'll see in this video to Bungie Studios where they incorporated them into the Halo 3 Legendary edition bonus disk. "

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Feihc Retsam4036d ago

"Nerd" says the man who posts comments on a web-site dedicated to video gaming news...
Being a "nerd" is one thing...
Being in denial is much worse.

I do agree that his dedication to LEGOs and Halo is a bit more than I'll ever understand.
No matter how much recognition and small sum of money he may receive from Bungie and the Halo community, I don't think it will every make up for the amount of time and money he has dumped into the project.

WafflesID4036d ago

incredibly impressive...

But .... Halo isn't THAT good to deserve this kind of attention. I'll never understand this for the life of me.

vgn244036d ago

It doesn't matter who you are and what your "fanboy" tendencies are, if you grew up with legos, you have to be impressed by this. This kills my best lego work as a youth. And I made some pretty awesome rectangles.

codeazrael4035d ago

So that turns out to be quite a bit of change. If not, then thousands of dollars of loot to build this sh*t is just obsessive compulsive. But congrats to him, a TRUE Halo fan.

BTW, Lego Halo would be a good Wii or DS title, don't you agree?

Dukester1014035d ago

I loved messing around with legos as a kid. I thought I had made some cool stuff... but damn, this is freaking awesome. The fact that he made a Halo level with that scope is magnificent.

Nerd or not, respect goes out to this guy for a job well done. Hobbies can turn into obessions sometimes, lol

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