CliffyB Talks 'Gears of War' Movie

While Master Chief's path to the box office may be stalled at the moment, another one of Microsoft's 'killer apps' on Xbox 360 is on its way to Hollywood. GameDaily BIZ chats with Gears of War lead designer Cliff Bleszinski about the upcoming movie adaptation of his blockbuster game.

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Fan Tastic4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

Traditional film at 24 frames per second simply will not do. It has to be shot on 12 frame per second cameras or altered by computers later.

AngryHippo4085d ago

.....stupid comment. Grow up and post something decent. Hopefully this film be decent and hollywood wont ruin it and make it into something [email protected]

iNcRiMiNaTi4085d ago

so ur concept wouldnt make sense either

BLACKJACK VII4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

You talkin' about KZ2 or Lair ?????

FONY has so many games with framerate issues, I'm not sure which one u r refering to....

THE_JUDGE4085d ago

thats some funny ish, these ^^^ kids need to take a joke and grow up!

cr33ping_death4084d ago

damn dude LOL i love GEARS to death but that was some funny SH!T i know what you mean....but it isnt like that all that time....only when playing with people with SH!TTY connections or across the pond is when you experience that.... but again funny.

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iNcRiMiNaTi4085d ago

they better write a different [and better] script for the movie or else itll be another game to movie flop.....oh and dont do too much chainsawing...its a gears movie not a slasher movie like freddy vs. jason

Que8134085d ago

but that's the thing.. GoW has no story. its just gonna be another horror/action blockbuster that'll be rated PG-13

Balance4085d ago

the gears story line is not bad, they just need to dive into it more, start the movie way before the game so we can learn of marcus's past more and immultion etc.. a gears movie focused around emergence day would rock.

BLACKJACK VII4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

Hear that Epic??? pS3 fans 'dissin you left & right... you might wanna quit developing for FONY & it's tiny fangirl install base.....

The story is sooooooo bad that it won 6 out of 6 awards @ Gphoria, every award GEARS was nominated for it WON.......

This game is so awful that pS3 hasn't had a game match it graphically or otherwise since it's 2006 release.....

Heee hee hee, you TROLLS are funny !!! LOL, Sorry they won't be making a movie about LAIR !!!

THE_JUDGE4085d ago

It smells like a flop. I hate almost every video game movie no matter what system the game is on. They are usually horribly done and not worth the film they are made on. This looks to follow the trend as does a Halo and Tekken movie.

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