Bungie on top in Japan

WOW. Halo 3 was #1 in Japan last week.

1) Halo 3 (360) 59,000 copies
2) Pokemon's Mysterious Dungeon: Toki (DS) 55,000
3) Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core (PSP) 54,000
4) Tamagotchi (DS) 54,000
5) Pokemon's Mysterious Dungeon: Yami (DS) 46,000
6) Bleach Blade Battlers 2nd (PS2) 31,000
7) English Test 2 (DS) 28,000
8) Yu-gi-oh Duel Monsters GX (PSP) 28,000
9) Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (PS3) 27,000
10) Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops + (PSP) 25,000

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Maddens Raiders4127d ago

else they have over there in Halo 3 skin and try to break even in a couple of years.

nasim4127d ago

Halo 3 didnt move any hardware. Around 5000 x360s were sold in JAPAN last week . ONLY among foreigners living in JAPAN

next week you would see the sales dipping to 2000 /3000.

PS3 sold around 15000 last week in JAPAN and Wii around 23000

dont get your hopes up for x360 in JAPAN and EU . Those are already LOST TERRITORIES

Fighter4127d ago

This is a shocker but almost refreshing. Glad to see that Western games can crack the Japanese market.

The sad truth is that probably EVERY Japanese 360 owner bought the game on day 1, let's not deny it. We'll have to wait next week to see if the title still belongs to Halo 3.

Did Blue Dragon ever make it to number 1 in Japanese charts?

joydestroy4127d ago

or the only American's living in Japan bought it.
still though, it's a start.

JokesOnYou4127d ago

Halo3 at the top of the charts for one week in Japan, ha ha sonykids must be sick to their stomach's=


felman874127d ago

Yes, they are so jealous that Halo 3 managed to eek out 59,000 copies. Blue Dragon sold more than that. Lost Odyssey will blow it away as well.

mirroredderorrim4127d ago

Funny you say that. It's leaps and bounds over Pokemon, am I right, Sir?

solidt124127d ago

Japanese Chart, 30th Sep 2007

1 Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon 2 99,031
2 Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII 64,386
3 Halo 3 60,783

Premonition4127d ago

Ya I saw that same chart some where on the site, Pokemone was on top and FFVII was 2nd with around 5-600,000 sold total, I dont know where this chart came from.

nirwanda4127d ago

they link to the same person on the neogaf forum but if you check his link at the bottom of the post it links to the actual japanese site where the charts are posted these are the right figures if the charts are correct.
see link to japanese site below

joydestroy4126d ago


here's another chart that was just posted...

solidt124127d ago

The US military folks and American in Japan bought it, all of them. This will be only for one week. And just to correct this article. Halo came in third. Crisis Core on the PSP beat Halo 3.


JokesOnYou4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

which is NOT counted as Japanese sales since Base/PX sales has nothing to do with Japanese economy= I have friends in the military and if they can't buy a game from the px they order them online from the US so they can play the US version on their US region console.= why is it so hard to accept Halo3 had 1 good week in Japan?, ha ha nobody is saying its going to be a Halo craze for the rest of the year, but Halo3 managed to grab the #1 spot for a week, a great accomplish all things considered, but of course sonykids dont like any good Halo news= ha ha more salt in the wound=


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