PGR4 gets 3.75/5 from GamePro

With automotive monsters like Forza Motorsport 2 and DiRT nicely filling their respective niches, you might wonder what there is left to do with the racing genre.

As fun as it can be, Project Gotham Racing 4 doesn't seem to know either.

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MK_Red4057d ago

Wow, these guys are sure strange. They gave 4.5/5 to Boogy and now give PGR4's lowest score (3.75)? Strange site indeed.

Fighter4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

I think after they saw how good GT 5 Prologue is that they had to take off points for this game. They even give somewhat of a subtle hint in the last paragraph of the article.

It's really sad that every racing sim will likely be compared to GT 5 Prologue and then the actual finished product of GT 5 next year. Developers better get back to work and put in a lot of effort or else they will be left behind.

I must add that I do like racing games and I wouldn't mind playing this game as long as it's not on those bikes.

EDIT: @ the greatest

Maybe MS did pay them for those scores LOL and ouch.

WIIIS14057d ago

Learn to read before hypothesizing. They stated quite clearly why they did not give PGR4 such a great score - because nothing will quite be like Forza 2. GT will have a tougher time competing than PGR4.

Maddens Raiders4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

IMO, all Reviews these days are strange. Then again they're reviewed from people just like all of us on N4G, and it can't get any stanger than this!

In the end, it's the reader reviews that really count anyway, just look at Killzone 1 on GameSpot.

Fan Tastic4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

I'm sure Blizzard lost a lot of motivation after being screwed by MS behind the scene and in front as well when MS forced them to release PGR3 at launch despite not being ready.

It really shows on the bike as to how they put out an unfinished product. Just watch when a person crashes on the bike and doesn't fall off 90% of the time when he should.

Thanks again MS for screwing gamers dreams over. Ok to be fair blizzard is pretty big screw up on their own as well. Come on 5 games dating back to the Dreamcast and they still can't get collision even remotely correct. Hey, if they do there next game on the PS3 they'll have the physics power to actually do something good for once.

gtgcoolkid4057d ago

I think you mean Bizarre. Blizzard are the Starcraft/Warcraft people.

PimpHandHappy4057d ago

i guess one less AAA game for 360ppl to shove in everyones face! I know i seen a few say it was AAA last week...

but yea

u cant trust reviews anymore. They just seem all over the board. im sure PGR fans will love this game and even if the bikes are a waste of space atleast they tried. Its no motorstorm with its mix of bikes and stuff but i myself like raod racing more! Cant wait for GT prolouge

achira4057d ago

not so good score. but understandable after i have seen the vids of this game. its like pg3 without aliasing.

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The story is too old to be commented.