Level Up: Adam Tierney Explains How Hypnotizing His Very Own Big Daddy Transformed BioShock Into Art

In regard to Michael Dirda's notion that games may approach art when they become able to depress their players, Bioshock depressed Adam Tierney deeply and in a way that many players might not have encountered.

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frank jaeger4033d ago

wow.. thats real cool , LOL i never knew that they had a hypnotize feature in the game.. still its just like those movies where the hero is about to get shot and the ol sidekick comes and gets killed.. dramatic..

nuff said

tony4033d ago

yes, its pretty fun make the big daddy your servant and see him fight your enemies.

MrTangent4033d ago

Awww. Poor Big Daddy. :P

Interesting e-mail/article. That's a true testament to the game maker, even if that wasn't their intention. As an aside, I can't wait to play Bioshock. Hopefully they'll release it on PS3, if not I guess I'll buy it for my Xbox 360...

Adamalicious4032d ago

I wouldn't hold your breath for a PS3 version. The developer said they weren't doing it anymore.

WafflesID4032d ago

On an even greater scale for me was Half-Life 2. I would replay sections of the game MANY times to make sure I kept all my NPC support alive. I would always somehow feel responsible for keeping them alive. If one died it actually made me feel something.

Some people have no idea what they have been missing if they have never played half-life 2. Oct 10th is going to be a good day. It should have received the attention halo 3 (unecessarily) had.

Covenant4032d ago

I can relate...I mean, the Little Sisters take it pretty hard when a Big Daddy is killed. And the game's "good" ending is actually pretty touching, and although some have objected to it, I though it was appropriate.


It's like when, in Prey, you have to put Jen out of her misery, or the deaths of certain secondary characters in Halo 3...when a game has the right combination of believable characters, script, and voice acting, a character's death can become an emotional experience.

frank jaeger4030d ago

question: can u hypnotize a bigdaddy while a litle sister is around him?