Real-world NFL drama won't affect Madden 12

Although there is a very real possibility that the upcoming 2011 football season will be put on hold due to a union dispute, Madden publisher EA Sports says it will have no impact on whether or not the next Madden video game will be released.

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trounbyfire3748d ago

is this not the stupidest disagreement in history.

jeseth3748d ago

When you sign a labor agreement to get 60/40 of the money and 4 years into it the owners OPT out and want you to take an 18% pay cut after making your sport the most popular spectator sport in the world .. . .


Players are right on this one. Owners need to pony up.

trounbyfire3748d ago

its all legal not the money the NFl tried to put a side for a lock out but there was a opt out option right.

no to 18 games
yes to rookie wage sale
yes to better retirement befits

i don't care about the money the NFl gave up to much last time, thats on them, whats wrong with 50 50

jeseth3748d ago

Nothings wrong with 50-50, and a rookie pay scale and better retirement benefits are crucial given the long term effects that have started to be shown.

However, pretend you are the best at whatever it is you do (which NFL Players are) . . . pizza delivery boy, brain surgeon, etc. and you sign a labor deal where you get 50 dollars an hour (for arguments sake).

You sign that deal and continue to be the best at your trade, so much so that everyone in the U.S. and the world follows you and watches you YEAR ROUND on various networks. You build your trade to the most popular and successful point it has ever seen.

Then the person you signed your deal with, ends the contract prematurely and wants you to now make $40 dollars an hour.

How would YOU feel as a worker. Pissed off and insulted.

Thats what NFL Players are dealing with. Not to mention with all the BS Safety concerns they want players to take less money and play 2 more games a year .... thusly openeing themselves to more injuries. All so the OWNERS can make more money by having more regular game seasons.

jeseth3748d ago

ZeroX's comment proves my point even further.

TruthBTold3748d ago

I wouldn't call american football the most popular spectator sport in the world. I would think that goes to football (soccer) since it is the most popular sport in almost every country in the world. I do agree that players need to get better compensated for their work since their bodies are put through so much damage.

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ZeroX98763748d ago

um, wasn't there an article about why madden 12 will be affected by the lockout and now this one....

anyway, I can't think of a winter without a superbowl!!!
I'm not american and I don't watch every game of the NFL, but when it comes to the series and the superbowl, it's a whole different atmosphere. American football is a Big team sport, I like the chemistry the players got on the field.

Just hoping this ends fast

C0MPUT3R3748d ago

Madden should go away for a year.


whatever respect I had for NFL.....gone
CBA....we aren't curing cancer or discovering alternate fuel sources...
GM's and ownership make % so we should be entitled to %
true enough.You catch or throw or block a BALL....remember that or ignore it entirely
$$$ quest continues as worlds burn. Joke,mildly.