Hollywood writer talks Gears of War movie

GamePro gets a first update on the upcoming Gears of War movie...and what they learned might surprise you!

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kennyfisterbotm5006d ago

As soon as i played gears of war i was thinking the same thing. I can't wait for this one to come out. It would be ironic for it to come out on blue ray though wouldn't it? Well either way, i'm getting it and can't wait.

Jen5en5006d ago

I had high hopes for Silent Hill as well, when Christophe Gans talked about how much Silent Hill meant to him. What did we end up with? Rubbish! Polished to serve the general public. As much as we're all hyped for Gears the Movie, remember this: This is Hollywood! In all probability it will be PG-13 and star Justin Timberlake as Marcus Fenix... okay joking, but you get my point.

frank jaeger5006d ago

hmm not a bad idea at all ... still time will tell wont it?

Capt CHAOS5006d ago

make it better..

I doubt it'll be better than Starship Troopers..