Burnout Paradise: Incredible Trailer and Screens of The Hunter

When it comes to high-powered machines tearing up the road with no regard to the value of human life, look no further than the Burnout series to find everything you could possibly want in excessively powerful cars.

There's only one reason you'd be driving around downtown in a bright pink car, and that is...showing off!

It might not be the fastest racer, it might not be the nimblest mover and it might not be the toughest fighter; but when you're sailing through the air doing a double barrel roll you at least won't go unnoticed.

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MK_Red4084d ago

I love these daily trailers of different cars but please, show us more crashtastic stuff. Big crashes.

BTW, the graphics looks sick. Specially in this one:

C_SoL4084d ago

this game is a must have for the PS3

HeartlesskizZ4084d ago

naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, im getting hot wheels: beat that!!! haha JK
but yes this game sure looks great, I never bought a Burnout game and this may be the first one.

Eclipticus4084d ago

i disagree with only one thing the poster said.
now granted this game looks great. And I cant wail to play it on my new HDTV, and marvel in the glorious-ness of the last burnout on my SD TV. This will look beautiul-rific.
But Maybe I am not driving around in a pink car trying to show off. maybe I have dreams of being clint eastwood, and driving around in a pink cadillac is the only way. Cause I am still pondering why there is no DIRTY HARRY game out. . .